Atheism in Dragon Age: Origins

bit-tech: I’m playing Dragon Age: Origins in my spare time at the moment. My character is a Common Elf Rogue and I’ve had a hard time getting back into it since our review. That’s partly to do with the fact that I’m just not as enamoured with swords and sorcery as I used to be (nowadays I prefer lightspeed and lasers), but it’s also that I have a problem with the way the in-game theology is presented to players as a foregone conclusion.

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ElementX2759d ago

A lot of games have religion as part of their storylines, from mythical creatures in God of War and Okami to churches in basically every RPG. I play games and don't tie my religious beliefs into them. Growing up a Christian teen, I was sort of dismayed by the thought of all these fake religions created for various games but I outgrew my old beliefs and moved on toward a more accepting attitude. They're just part of the story, no need to get your religion of lack of religion involved.

ravinash2759d ago

Making a fake religion is usually a good way of reviewing the issues of the day brought up by current real world religions without causing offense.

Thats one of the main benefits of fantasy and sci-fi, if its a made up religion then you can say what you want about it.
try saying similar thing about real world religions and you open a whole can of worms.

Darkfiber2759d ago

Too much preachy "The Maker" crap. It was like playing a video game with my grandmother.