Nintendo 3DS: Hope for left-handed players?

Left-handed players complained about the Nintendo 3DS design. It seems like Nintendo registered the problem at least. But will there by any chance to change the design until the release?

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portablegaming2642d ago

That sure is a problem for lefthanders. I hope they find a solution.

franktheprank2642d ago

I am lefty and I loved the normal DS. I feel discriminated by the news 3DS...

Schneestern2642d ago

I'm not lefthanded but I hope for a solution : )

al-burrito2642d ago

So many lefthanders out there?

Zyrando2642d ago

Mhh you never care about things like that if they dont concern you

gumgum992641d ago

I'm left-handed, and I have no problem with the new 3DS. Hasn't all game control setups been that way?