Journey Eurogamer Preview

Eurogamer: "Journey, the developer's latest game, is about multiplayer. Maybe. Hence the hiking analogy. Although it would crush Chen - maybe - to describe such a wafting, nebulous idea as Journey in the harsh parlance of the marketplace, the follow-up to Flower is a third-person adventure in which you explore a mysterious and quietly fantastical desert landscape, overcoming hurdles as you head towards your goal: a mountain with a fierce light shining at the summit."

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Prcko2853d ago

flower and now this,epic stuff!

MysticStrummer2853d ago

Loved flOw and Flower. I'm glad developers like this exist. These guys are in the same league as Team Ico in terms of making games that keep the whole "games=art" discussion going. Too bad the market just wants more damn FPSs that are all nearly the same game with slightly different graphics, sound, and story.

Mamajuana2853d ago

I agree with you MysticStrummer. I've been playing games since NES, it's great to see developers widen their and our horizons. We need games like these.