Why Don’t Some Big Xbox 360 Exclusives Sell More?

Before you flame me as a fanboy, hear me out. Games like Halo and Gears sell like hot cakes, and to a lesser extent Fable and Forza. But why is it, quality titles like Alan Wake, Mass Effect, Left 4 Dead and PGR do not? According to VG charts Alan Wake hasn't even broken the 500,000 copies sold mark, why is this? The game is a phenominal piece of software, intense and even graphically brilliant at times. But then why is it Xbox owners are not buying such a great game?

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NYC_Gamer2941d ago

i hope alot more 360 owners go out and support mass effect 1&2

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sid4gamerfreak2941d ago

because those exclusives are on pc which eat up the sales...

StanLee2941d ago

Great point but also, many of these titles like Alan Wake and Project Gotham Racing are niche titles and not as accessible or as marketed shooter franchises are.

Al Bundy2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

Alan Wake only sold 499k and it isn't on PC and Mass Effect 2 only sold 1.79 million on Xbox and PC combined so I wouldn't say PC ate up Mass Effect 2 sales.


Heavy Rain is niche and had no marketing and it sold 1.5 million in a few weeks so why couldn't Alan Wake do the same?

Inside_out2941d ago

I think there are alot of factors as to why a game doesn't sell as well as it should. Piracy is a big issue on 360...Competition, RDR moved up and released on the same day as Alan Wake...Lack of Multi-player component for a game is HUGE on 360. Why pay for on line and then buy a single player game at full price with no multi-player...Mass Effect will have Multi-player for part 3. Majority of 360 gamers prefer shooters and competition ( multi-player )...MW2 has been huge on 360, the dlc has sold more than AW and ME combined.

M$ knows this, that's why they are making sure that all future COD DLC releases on 360 first, the hardcore FPS guy's appreciate it. Crackdown 2, Sniper: ghost warrior, Halo Reach come out in 12 weeks...MOH & Fable in October, Crysis and COD Black ops in November. 360 looking good..

At the same time, M$ has begun to court the casuals with Kinect, hoping to tap in on the Wii casual culture that has put Nintendo on top this gen in terms of console sales...They are well on there way with Ubisoft and Your Shape ( Wii Fit 10++ million sold ), Kinectanimals, adventures and sports ( Wii sports 70+ million ), and what many people are calling the killer app ( not me BTW ) MTV dance game. Kinect launches in November. M$ strategy is sound. If Kinect moves alot of 360's, expect the casuals to give games other than FPS's a shot...hence, sales will improve.

n4gno2941d ago

"MW2 has been huge on 360"

on ps3 also (despite of all the best exclusives xbox don't have)

TotalPS3Fanboy2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

360 gamers loved to hype up 360 exclusives on N4G, but when it comes time to buy it, no one wants to.

A converstation with a 360 friend went like this...

360 Friend: Yeah, Alan Wake is the best game this generation!

TotalPS3Fanboy: You gonna buy it?

360 Friend: No. I rather buy Red Dead Redemption. But Alan Wake is still the best game this generation though, just that I am gonna buy Red Dead Redemption instead.

TotalPS3Fanboy: I buy both Heavy Rain and Red Dead Redemption.

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Why o why2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

just to support something different...sounds stupid i know but i purchased alan wake knowing i wouldnt have the time to play it. Ill do the same with uk demon souls. They'll just sit there in their rappers until im ready. These games probably need my support more than the cods etc if even just to let the devs know they can be different and creative. Tired of the same ol sh!t

Christopher2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )


The problem is that only the most generic and big titled games really get the support. The other great titles are lucky to get a fraction of the support and for that reason alone I make sure that those games are day one buys for me, even if I won't be playing them for a while. Still have Alan Wake LE box sitting on my shelf waiting to be played.

ME2, Heavy Rain, Alan Wake, Demon's Souls, Batman AA, Darksiders and tons of other games have been bought in the same manner. Any game that is good and at least tries to do something outside of the mainstream market of shooters is golden in my book and deserves my day one support.

Unfortunately, those games listed are also the ones that tend to suffer the most from second-hand sales, meaning less money for the developers.

Snakefist302941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

The Only Xbox 360 Exclusives sell more is HALO,Gears of wars and COD.Those Three games are the best games and 3 are my favs too especially gears.

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maddhatter1232941d ago

if it isn't halo then 360 fanboys don't care they are pretty much the new nintendo fanboys(they only care about mario). i'm glad the ps3 has a wide variety of games and don't have to cling to one franchise.

blazBlue2941d ago

Um...Soda? MGS4 is more of a stealth/gameplay. Uncharted 2 is more of an action/adventure.

But um...continue!

Theodore872941d ago

Look at MS E3 this year. All shooters!

Derekvinyard132940d ago

mass effect 1 and 2 are not exclusives

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Shadow Flare2941d ago

Alan wake hasn't even passed 500,000? Is that true? Why do 360 fans say ps3 games don't sell again? Are they only basing that on halo and gears? Cos gran turismo outsells both of them and most ps3 exclusives always sell very well actually. Alot better than 500,000 anyway

basicsameh5142941d ago

@shadow flare
alan wake came out same day as RDR

SCThor2941d ago

are you making an excuse? Because you know, RDR was a NEW IP (multiplatform) with low marketing budget, in other hand, Alan Wake was promoted by MS itself as the second jesus coming.

HighTreason2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

lol, stop using RDR to defend this games horrible sales.

Heavy Rain came out between Mass Effect 2 and GOW3 and it's on its way sell 1.5 million in a few weeks.

So what if it came out the same day ? Why aren't people buying it NOW ? I'm sure they have recovered financialy from purchasing RDR by now don't you think ?

NYC_Gamer2941d ago

alan wake was just overhyped....

siyrobbo2941d ago

red dead redemption had a low marketing budget? are you nuts, that games been marketed to £hit! tv adverts, web adverts, it must have cost a pretty penny but seems to have paid off

Fanb0y2941d ago

Alan Wake had almost no marketing support from Microsoft aimed at the general gaming audience.
On the other hand, Red Dead Redemption busted its balls on television ads the week before it went on store shelves. Even my casual gaming friends noticed it and went out to buy it.

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lelo2play2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

Just take a look at the last 2 PS3 exclusives. How much have ModNation Racers or 3D Dot Game Heroes sold? Not much buy my guess. Alan Wake has sold 500k buy the latest numbers announced. ModNation Racers or 3D Dot Game Heroes are no way close to those numbers.

There are consoles exclusives that simply do not sell much.

@Parapraxis... Alan Wake still reached nº1 in some charts when it was released. ModNation Racers or 3D Dot Game Heroes were no way close the nº1 in any chart i saw. So i say again... ModNation Racers or 3D Dot Game Heroes did not sell much buy my guess.

Parapraxis2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

"Not much buy my guess. " How about knowing how much they have actually sold if you are going to use them as examples of bad sales? Pretty fail there on your part bubs.

"Dot Game Heroes were no way close the nº1 in any chart i saw. "
3D Dot Game Heroes Leads U.S. PS3 Charts:

There's no good solid numbers currently for both those games BTW.
My point still stands, using examples that are untestable is pretty weak man.

lelo2play2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

"3D Dot Game Heroes Leads U.S. PS3 Charts"

It's a PS3 Charts for Amazon. I was referring to total sales charts to compare it to other games sales of other consoles. I guess we better wait for NPD charts to have some idea of sales in the USA.

ElementX2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

I bought Mass Effect 2 and Alan Wake. I also picked up a used copy of Conviction, preordered Crackdown 2 and Halo: Reach. I also bought Fable 2 all within 3 days of buying my 360S. I thought Alan Wake would've sold more.

lelo2play2941d ago

Good for you. You have good games in that list. Alan Wake is a pretty good game... in spite of not being a great game. I would give a solid 8,5.

El-Fenemeno12132941d ago

Because Most only care about halo and gears. That's all my friends care about -_-.

Downtown boogey2941d ago

And some just buy one Call of Duty game a year and fall back to oblivion about any other games.

El-Fenemeno12132941d ago

Yet they don't see that the call of duty series is practically the same every year, with a different skin