Assassins Creed: Brotherhood gameplay video

This video shows actual gameplay from the comming Assassins Creed: Brotherhood. Enjoy

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cant wait for this game!! heard its not the end though

BeaArthur2940d ago

Looks good but I'm worried that Ubisoft is going to start milking this franchise and turn it into crap.

NecrumSlavery2940d ago

Agreed. Ezio had his run. AC isn't just about the past, it's about Desmond. We are exploring the lineage and learning about Desmond's story. I don't want the story to forget what the Animus is. Also a part of me thinks this is more cut content from AC2. Also here's a Q: Where does brother hood take place? You kind of end the story with AC2 and it's tie ins with Desmond. It seems that after seeing the ending, Ezio would have other tasks than just the war. I dunno. Still going to fit it into my lineup this year.

LastDance2940d ago

Your the first person I know who actually cares about Desmond. I'd like the series more if they got rid of him and his group of ....people. All they do is be sacrastic and swear more than necessary

Redempteur2940d ago

Well desmond is learning .. there will be a time where he will be capable enough to be an assasin ....

brotherhood take place in ROME , mostly only rome .. in 1503 give or take a few years.As for ezio , will not be surprised if he begun to create the assasin creed as we see fit ( the organisation In modern times ) during brotherhood ..this should clear some cloud about the assasins themselves and how they work seeing that ezio IS in charge now

Sanzee2940d ago

VERY excited for this game. Loved AC2.

hybridtheory122940d ago

AC2 was too easy. I want a challenge :D

Redempteur2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

i dunno about challenge seeing that they want this serie to be mainstream ..but at least maybe you'll find some fun in mutiplayer if it's balanced ...


this is one of the games im looking most forward too! the previous assassins games blew me away. this one is gonna top it all!


i love how they always improve and make theyre games better and better each time!

SupaGamer2940d ago

It looks absolutely stunning. They've come a long way since the first one!

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The story is too old to be commented.