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Prcko2820d ago

love the screens,epic game for sure!

Cloudberry2820d ago

I'm interested for this game too.

gaffyh2820d ago

Most. Useless. Images. Ever.

Exactly the same stuff as shown in the E3 showcase, just put into the magazine. I expected more Famitsu :(

Commander TK2820d ago

"It´s still gonna be a stealth game"

Kingdom Come2820d ago

So, your looking at some scan's and immediatly presuming that it was a lie becuse the screenshots don't show you what you want to see?! These are the developers of Metal Gear Solid for god's sake, do you honestly not believe them?!

TotalPS3Fanboy2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Like Devil May Cry or something.

It won't be like Metal Gear anymore. Not only that, Kojima is not working on it.

However, that doesn't make it bad. It'll still be a great action game for sure. Just very different from Metal Gear, that's all.

CobraKai2820d ago

I never got the perception that this was gonna be a stealth game. It had no Solid Snake. Raiden with a sword pointed towards an action game, except knowing Kojima Productions, it had to be something unique and it looks like it's gonna deliver.

bjornbear2820d ago

there WILL be stealth, real stealth.

sikbeta2820d ago

@Kingdom Come

It's hard to believe is going to be an Stealth Game like the Real MGS Games, cos if Kojima wants to Show the "New" Raiden aka the non whiny B!tch from MGS2 and the one that we don't know much about other than he's a Powerful dude in MGS4, this game will show his strength and Abilities and will have a little of Stealth, I mean, the idea is to show his new Cybernetic Body (with His Head/Brain and Spine being the Remaining human Parts) that makes him a tough Guy that kick ass...

DigitalAnalog2820d ago

It's not developed by the same team that did the original MGS: Series. This is a completely new division with only to be overseen by Kojima himself who he has not been directly involved with this game.

-End statement

Lombax2820d ago

Isn't this game titled 'Rising'??

Doesn't that tell you something? Like maybe Raiden 'rises' from his MGS2 stealth espionage to his MGS4 lightning baddasserry?

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WrAiTh Sp3cTr32820d ago

Its a shame I can't get into hack n slash games besides No More Heroes or if they are rpgs. But this looks like something I shouldn't be missing.

NYC_Gamer2820d ago

konami has killed another franchise...

Batzi2820d ago

have you played it? NO. Thank you byebye.

NYC_Gamer2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

why should i?it lacks everything that loved about the MGS franchise..i'm not into lighting bolt action

Nitrowolf22820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

i can see what you mean by them making it look more of an action game then a stealth game
MGS has always been about stealth
i won't actually judge it until i play it
(who knows mybe there will be stealth in it)

@below and i forgot to add the fact that Snake will be missing from it.
I am excited for MGR, but to me it doesn't feel like it will be a MG game.
perhaps thats why they are called Spinoff?

Batzi2820d ago

It's still stealth, and last interview confirmed that Rising will have more stealth then previous Metal Gear games because has more abilities and faster moves.

DaTruth2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

How could there be more stealth than previous MGS games? They gonna have stealth on bosses? Stealth cutscenes?

I don't just play stealth games so I'm not gonna judge that it will be a bad game, but it does not look like a traditional Metal Gear game! That said, I don't have to play Barbie's playhouse the videogame to know it probably won't be good and I don't have to try homosexuality to know it's not for me!

I'll have to try it just for the fact that it's named Metal Gear!

Downtown boogey2820d ago

"It's still stealth, and last interview confirmed that Rising will have more stealth then previous Metal Gear games because [Raiden] has more abilities and faster moves."

THIS is exactly what I'm expecting from this game!! Awesome!

SeanRL2820d ago

Don't defend it with your life, it's not a true MG game and every fan knows it.

sikbeta2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Ah Guys, you watched the Trailer, that "CUT...CUT...CUT" Trailer, that's more like it, yeah, it'll have some stealth, but it'll show Raiden Strength and Abilities and that's mean a More Action based Game...

Lighting = Fast
Bolt = Raiden
Action = Hack and Slash

b-real2820d ago

Wait until it comes out before making judgment. MGS4 could arguably not be considered 'true' stealth. The shooting mechanics were so much improved over previous games, that you could play the whole game as a TPS if you wanted (obviously 'true' MGS fans played with stealth!).

I'm sure it will be the same with this game, you will be able to 'sneak' past people if you chose to , or you can hack them to pieces

N4Flamers2820d ago

That was so funny I have to give you michael jackson + bubbles for that.

Stealth cutscenes, lol, who said that?

I think this game will be stealth base because if you ever tried to cut 4 people from a distance who are holding guns by running straight them, you will quickly deduce that sneaking up to them might be a better way to go about it.

I like the cut anything game mechanic and think it will be cool, to appear from the shadows cut a team to ribbons and disappear again.

Lombax2820d ago

Bubbles for keepin it real.

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synce2820d ago

Well they gave Silent Hill to new devs and it turned to shit, DESPITE the fact that Yamaoka supervised them as Kojima seems to be doing with Rising. They gave Castlevania to new devs and it looks like shit (God of War flavored). Stands to reason that MGS will soon turn to shit as well. I would've liked for it to end on a high note but that's impossible, seeing as they'll keep making the games until there aren't enough diehard fans left to make a profit

hot4play2820d ago

I'm playing Rising because of the MGS name but I'm wary of the trend of Japanese developers catering to the western audiences (examples you stated, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy) I hope it's just a phase and that developers find their footing and find the right balance. Still hoping for the best of course...

(Hope that MGS doesn't turn to "shit") =)

Kingdom Come2820d ago

It's a Spin-Off and what I look for in a Spin-Off is an Opportunity to gain insight as to how different circumstances and characters play out. Which is exactly what this game is offering...

asyouburn2820d ago

for americans who have short attention spans, i.e. typical under 18 fps player who cant focus on a cutscene for more than 2 minutes. this game has no long cutscenes, they said themselves that it is more action focused, and from the e3 gameplay vids its mostly swordplay. not that its gonna be a bad game, but metal gear this is not. im sure most people in the states will eat it up, seeing as how some claim mgs is "mostly movie". well, heres your watered down "lightning bolt action"

SeanRL2820d ago

Thank you! Exactly what I was thinking. I loved mgs4 and truly appreciated the work that went into the long detailed cutscenes.

SOAD2820d ago


Hey, stop making generalizations about Americans having short atten... wait, what were we talking about?

ThanatosDMC2820d ago

Ah, i see your point... Remember those days when 360 fanboys kept saying MGS4 was just a movie anyway and other crap like that... now they're so hyped that an "MGS" game is coming to the 360 as well.

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Spenok2820d ago

Do you realize that this isnt a major installment in the MGS franchise? If it was then Kojima himself would be the one working on this game. And he is not, hell he wont even talk about the game because he doesnt want people thinking he is working on it. And this game actually looks pretty good.

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Shaman2820d ago

Graphics look undoubtedly very crisp,nice to see per object motion blur and i think DF said footage was 60fps.That would be awesome...

STONEY42820d ago

I was gonna say the same thing, and the animation when he cut the pillar then turned in the trailer was reaaally smooth, and so was the destruction. Now I'm just hoping the actual game will feel Metal Gearish enough.

jkhan2820d ago

not to sound to rude but did you just saw per object motion blur in those scans.
Not taking anything aways from MGS rising. It looks amazing but ...

NinjaAssassin2820d ago

At least we know it looks better than MGS4. That's a good sign.

sikbeta2820d ago

IT HAS TO Look Better, MGS4 was released in June 12 of 2008, that's more than [2] years...

SaberEdge2820d ago

asyouburn, you have got to be joking. Look again. This game has much better visuals than MGS4. Everything from the textures to the shadows and character models seems to have been improved.

MGS4 was a great game, but quit being such a fanboy for it. Rising does look better and we should be happy about that.

Simon_Brezhnev2820d ago

either way its going to sell crazy in Japan. they love girly men look a lot of their pop stars.

Sanzee2820d ago

EPIC POST MAN. "Girly men" indeed.

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