6 ways to help get over England/USA’s World Cup loss

Play-mag says: "England and Team USA are out of the World Cup. This isn't a bad thing, this is a good thing. Why? Read on."

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DelbertGrady2939d ago

Blame the outcome on the referee for missing the 2-2 goal even though they got completely annihilated by the germans.

jneul2939d ago

blame ghana for socring more goals than the USA.
Seriously even I think England was rubbish, but only defensively, as soon as heskey got on the pitch all the team died, capello made some very weird subs:(:(

chisox1002939d ago

in america nobody even watched or cared about the world cup. i think more people were watching Day 2 of the NHL draft or Inter-league baseball.

Red-Dead-Roar2939d ago

sure. it's only the biggest sports arrangement in the world. why would you watch it when you have invented your own sports...?

Cryptech2939d ago

I agree. I think soccer is the dumbest sport out there. I would rather watch mens figure skating cuz thats how gay I think soccer is.