Being A Girl Gamer: Whats It Really Like

Game Meets Girl finally tells the truth about what its like to be a female who plays online games.

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player-12761d ago

I prefer a pair of nuts.

basicsameh5142761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

must be annoying being harassed by all those horny nerds.. it sad really..

jeseth2761d ago

Anyone who puts "girl" or "princess" is just asking for harrassment from a majority community of teen to early 30's male players.

Leave the girl/princess and you'll get less crap.

P.S. This song is horrible and that chick needs a dentist.

R0me2761d ago

Sad thing is they get the attention. If I see tags with girl I just behave like its a normal player. Btw. many vids on youtube out there, where guys give themselves girl names and just fooling around.

HolyOrangeCows2761d ago

"ZOMG Imma female gamer! Wanna know wat its like to be some1 who playss gamez an doen't hav testicles?"

You're only further hurting the cause with your self-marginalization. For that....
*Slap!* "Make me a sandwich!"

FanboysWillHateMe2761d ago

This girl represents my perceived image of the average gamer girl: ugly.

Don't get me wrong, I'd probably go gaga over some normal looking chick who plays Fallout 3 over a 10 doesn't, but singing cheesyass songs will immediately cancel that out.

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mushroomwig2761d ago

It's pretty funny to see some of the reactions from guys when a girl suddenly starts speaking during an online game, it's like they've never heard the voice of a female before. Of course, multiple messages start flooding in.

Nitrowolf22761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

"are you a girl?!!!!!"

Hideo_Kojima2761d ago

Its not just nerds who get shocked...

even my family get shocked when they hear girls play on ps3.

nickjkl2761d ago

lol yes the classic line ... are you a girl

TheoreticalParticle2761d ago

The last time I played MW2 and had an obviously female voice pop up, it was some girl who was there just looking for attention. The server would split us into teams, and then once we got split into teams, like clockwork, you'd hear, "Hey, Hey <gamertag>"

<Gamertag>: What's up?

Attention Ho: "Heeeeyyyyy."


what i dont get it the girls who's so hard on beeing called a gamer and not a GIRL gamer... why do you put up 'girl' in your nick ? why not just RottenCorpseDeadBalls or something like that, wont get that problem. BUT HEY!! thats just me...

mushroomwig2761d ago

Usually girl gamers are fine but it's these types that I can't stand;

goalweiser2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

This is always a delicate subject. Yes you should be able to put whatever you want (within reason) in your name, but you should also realize there's idiots out there who can't control themselves.

My wife doesn't use anything with girl or woman in it. She came up with a special name that worked for her. That said, she still gets messages but she just tells them she's not interested. If the tables were turned, some women would do the same thing.

It is a really nice video and I hope more people learn to control their craziness. I don't see anything wrong with flirting with somebody but asking for nude pics and making ignorant comments regarding sexuality is unacceptable. Report them to Xbox Live and do everybody a favor.

jeseth2761d ago

Get off your soapbox.


Online Rating Notice

Online-enabled games carry the notice "Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB." This notice warns those who intend to play the game online about possible exposure to chat (text, audio, video) or other types of user-generated content (e.g., maps, skins) that have not been considered in the ESRB rating assignment. :

goalweiser2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

Quoting something you don't understand is flat out stupid. Please for your own sake, stop talking. Your words have done your "credibility" enough damage.

THERE IS NO EXCUSE for asking for nude pics or talking about someone's sexuality. If you're discussing your own, that's fine. When you start doing such heinous and insipid things, you can be held liable for harassment.

There's no ESRB or quote that will protect you from the LAW. Go back to school and do your homework before trying to debate with the adults.

P.S. Put up a video of yourself singing a song and let's see what kind of response you get. Pathetic that you feel the need to disparage others to make yourself feel better.

jeseth2760d ago

You are so rightous and perfect up there on your soap box.

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