MaxConsole Interviews: Virgin Gaming co founder Zack Zeldin

Maxconsole presents an interview with Virgin Gaming co-founder Zack Zeldin. Ever wanted to know how VG came about? Wonder how big this service could get? Or perhaps you just want to know the scale of tournaments coming up? All this and much more are answered by Zack inside.

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vhero2798d ago

Not gonna bother the people who win these prizes are always the same few. The sad people who sit in there houses for days on end playing games rather than the average game player.

zootang2798d ago

You can go and challenge anyone

Say if you had an account I could challenge you $1 - well, anything.

So a game of halo for $4! or a quick game of madden for $2.50 or $20 whatever amount you both (players) are happy with

It's a good service and i can only see it getting better