WoW-players Play StarCraft II For Free In Korea

Korea has always had a special place in Blizzard's heart, which could possibly be related to the manic love they in turn have for StarCraft (and WarCraft III, and World of WarCraft etc). With this in mind, it's not that surprising Korea gets a very special treatment on how StarCraft II (and likely ALL future Blizzard games) will be distributed.

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Djorgo2944d ago

Well, it's a little bit scary if that's the future: No boxes and no ownerships any more..

Cogo2944d ago

All "services" indeed. I like to actually OWN a copy.

Terrice2944d ago

Yea, I too would prefer to have a hard copy of a game instead of having to download them all again.

It's not THAT hard to keep track of cd-keys...

Djorgo2944d ago

It all has to do with the scare of piracy...

Holyknight30002944d ago

Agreed I will despise the future of blizzard if I have to pay to play any non mmo games after i buy the damn copy initially and I would like to own a physically copy of the game too.

Darkfiber2944d ago

Welcome to Activision's Blizzard. You'll be paying a fee for every Blizzard game in a few years.

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Terrice2944d ago

It seems with apps like Steam, virtual downloading of games is becoming more and more common.

Cogo2944d ago

It's not REALLY a half bad idea. However, it needs to work, and there needs to be consumer rights. Seems like that's lackign at the moment.

Perjoss2944d ago

steam can be really crap sometimes, they offer 'collectors editions' that cost more then the boxed versions and you get nothing extra like a physical cd soundtrack or artbook, its all files. It confuses me why these versions cost more as they are clearly cheaper to make since they dont have to produce the physical items.

peowpeow2944d ago

That is countered by the awesome sales they have :D Man I swear nearly every game I've wanted to play was over 50% cheaper today..AND I HAVE NO MONEY :( such f***ing torture !

Zergling2944d ago

yeah I like to own a copy too and having it online restricts some of the people that would buy the box but don't have a credit card etc to be able to play to buy it directly from online on the internet.
I rekon they should still give people the choice of if they want to buy a box game or not.

Chazmers2944d ago

forget the koreans what about us?!?

Djorgo2944d ago

I think if you pay WoW, this sounds pretty reasonable tbh. It's like buying a new game every few months anyway!

Cogo2944d ago

Not a bad idea at all.

Holyknight30002944d ago

yeah this would be nice. Every like 4 months is like buying a new game. getting a copy of the game would be nice.

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