GND: HD Classics huh? So that’s why Sony took out backwards compatibility

The new "Classics HD" label pretty much confirms what many feared back when Sony announced they were going to remove b/c altogether from all PS3's.

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SOAD2918d ago

No. The emotion engine added a cost that Sony thought wasn't worth it.

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raztad2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )


I agree. That was a costs cut measure.

Besides WTF? since when blurry upscaled PS2 game = HD remastered version, with trophies?

"The new "Classics HD" label pretty much confirms what many feared"

I havent seen anyone fearing. PS3 owners are more than happy to play the best PS2 titles in HD. I'm so buying Sly Cooper, it ven got fully 3D support.

To the author: Buy a PS2 if you dont care about visuals.

tinybigman2918d ago

With the remarks because everything is updated and all the games in the series come on ONE disk for a low price.

You can't be that bargain if you ask me.

Inside_out2918d ago

I have no problem with it as long as the games cost $9.99.

raztad2918d ago

LOL. You dont have a PS3.

evilmonkey5012918d ago

I would spend 20. That's about it though.

sikbeta2918d ago


Actually is The Graphics Synthesizer GPU, EE was Emulated in some European PS3s


Remastered Collections of Franchises in 1 Blu-Ray + HD + Trophies are Awesome and no-1 is forced to buy them if don't want to like no-1 was forced to buy a PS3 Fat @ $600 with 10 Years of Gaming since Day One aka Backward Compatible PS3....

ExcelKnight2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

EE was also emulated on the first 80GB PS3 SKU in North America (and Japan?). All other SKUs after that don't have the Graphics Synthesizer, including the Slim model.

People have crunched the numbers before and already came up with a resounding "not possible" when trying to consider the possibility of PS2 backwards compatibility on those systems. If you look, you'll notice that 80% of games work on 80GB PS3s compared to near-100% for the 60GB model. Now consider this: If taking out and emulating EE caused a 20% drop in compatibility, imagine what trying to emulate the GS will do? Nothing released after 2004 would run reliably, if at all (that's when games started using updated GPU functionality, as evidenced by Star Ocean 3 being incompatible with older PS2s).

Edit: here's one fairly interesting and popular series that doesn't run on 80GB PS3s (so don't even count on it working on a theoretical return of PS2 BC today). Ratchet & Clank doesn't work properly. Most titles in the series have severe slowdown or just plain freeze. <-- Just select "80GB" and enter "Ratchet" as the search term. You'll see the games don't work for that SKU. They work for the 60GB SKU, though.

bjornbear2918d ago

but at the same time, its obviously an advantage for them to remove BC

+ proven it can be done in software alone, they just saw a huge pot of money they'd miss out if they went ahead with BC

but yes, emotion engine = main reason

ExcelKnight2918d ago

No, Emotion Engine is emulated on 80GB PS3s. As sikbeta pointed out, it's the Graphics Synthesizer (GPU) that was the last piece of PS2 hardware left. All SKUs after the MGS/Motorstorm 80GB model don't have the GPU, which in turn makes it absolutely impossible to emulate PS2 games anymore.

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SilverSlug2918d ago

If someone wanted to play PS2 games, they could always get.. i dunno? A PS2? 60GB PS3?

I have God of War 1/2 on PS2 and still got the collection for the update.

basicsameh5142918d ago

i can buy a ps2 and the original game for the same price as the hd collections

B-Real2062918d ago

could you point me that direction? Is this a new ps2 and a new game or both used. I'm pretty sure the god of war collection when first released was 39.99 but now you can find it for 29.99 new......So about that deal.

StanLee2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

I still have my PS2 and a huge collection of PS2 games. Who sells or trades a classic console like the PS2? To me the HD collection is a great way for Sony to tap its huge library for profit. I bought the God of War HD collection even though I had the games on the PS2 so there is value for fans of classic franchises. Trophy support and the HD upgrade are worth the investment in a few classic franchises you love. It's not like no work goes into the HD transformation. There is a lot that goes into it. Like I would buy a Ratchet and Clank HD collection day 1.

Highatus2918d ago

I agree Stan, I still have my ps2 and my collection still, as well as a launch ps3. I feel there is much value in these collections, I look forward to the sly collection as well since I never played the franchise and I can get 3 classic games remastered for the price of one.

I think the author pulled out the old jump to conclusions mat.

vickers5002918d ago

"Who sells or trades a classic console like the PS2?"

People who hear Sony say that the ps3 will be backwards compatible, and assume it's going to be that way forever (it's a fair assumption), which renders their ps2s useless. PS3 was expensive back then and some people needed all the cash they can get, so why would they NOT sell their ps2?

Christopher2918d ago

***PS3 was expensive back then and some people needed all the cash they can get, so why would they NOT sell their ps2? ***

If you needed the $20-40 selling your PS2 back then could net you for a PS3 in order to make the purchase, you shouldn't even be considering the purchase. Anyone who made that sort of deal is, honestly, an idiot consumer.

wicko2918d ago

Yeah I think its a good trade, HD remakes for old titles over b/c. Would still be nice if we had both, but I still have a PS2.

NYC_Gamer2918d ago

i have my 60gb but never really played any ps2 games on it....

El-Fenemeno12132918d ago

Same Here, I have the 60 gig as well, but I don't think I ever played a PS2 game on it since the month it released.

ShiftyLookingCow2918d ago

I guess you people already owned a PS2.

Orange2918d ago

I played GOW1 and 2 and Shadow of the Colossus on my launch PS3....and if Sony is telling me SOC will be remastered with a solid frame rate, at 60 Hz ta boot, I would say buying the remastered disc will be money well spent.

Don't forget, the frame rate was juiced on God of War, too.

ULTIMATE_REVENGE2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Sony did make a really stupid move and re-mastering PS2 games in HD? I don't want them remastered, I want to play them in their original form from my original copy. If you re-master them then it loses that classic feeling.

Sony should kill the PS2 and bring back B.C ASAP. Why do you think the most requested feature on the PS ideas site is PS2 B.C? because people obviously want it.

B-Real2062918d ago

Why would you kill something that is still selling and will continue to sell. If I'm not mistaken a business need to make a profit to survive. Are you gonna kill your mom because she's old? Naw didn't think so.

Really at 99 dollars new with a huge catalog of games it's a steal. I am sadden by the loss of bc but I could have bought a 60 or 20 when they first released. Sony did announce that they were in fact killing bc. You had your chance there.

I actually like the idea of remastered ps2 titles. I wouldn't mind the team ico games since I never played them when I had my ps2. They have a huge library with many jems

ElementX2918d ago

I'd rather have remastered. For those of you wanting the classic feeling, plug in your PS2. I never owned PS2 and after playing PS3 I tried PS2 and the graphics were difficult to look at. Everything was extremely jaggy and the experience wasn't very good for me. I would welcome more HD releases.


PS2 games had jaggies so obviously it's going to look jaggy.

ElementX2918d ago

I'm aware of that, I was saying compared to current gen, last gen graphics are hard to look at.

vickers5002918d ago

Actually, it's not really remastering them at all (except with trophies and 3d). They are releasing the version the developers originally intended to make but were restrained to by the ps2's hardware.

This way, we get to experience the intended experience, and not a lesser version.

DelbertGrady2918d ago

First it giveth then it taketh away. Then it giveth again but now you have to payeth.

Topshelfcheese2918d ago

ya, kinda like:

50dollars a year for xbl
100dollars for wifi adapter
170dollars for 120gb hdd

need i go on. I don't care if they added some of the stuff to the slim, the crazy ass prices they charged for this stuff made it so I never downloaded a single xbla game, but I have 20+ PSN games.

Garnett2918d ago

"50dollars a year for xbl
100dollars for wifi adapter
170dollars for 120gb hdd "

Too bad, Wifi is included and a 250 gig HDD is included.. and well for XBL, PSN Plus says Hi, but the features of XBL are over shadowing it...


How DARE you speak of thee Sony!!!!!! KB himself, will come hunt you down, Terminator style! From the future, using the Move!!!!!!

wicko2918d ago

lol what features of XBL are overshadowing PS+? Is it that you get to play online?

bjornbear2918d ago

or are you so desperate you count this as a negative =P at least PS2 games are worth playing unlike xbox games

n4gno2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

so dumb.

it's not the same ps2 game as you can play on your ps3 60, it's really better and worth the price.(don't you pay for old and dumb "arcade games" on xbl, who are so inferiors to ps2 remastered ?)

(to funny to see dumb fanboyz, like dlacy, to "lol" about remastered games, when he is paying for playing online, paying for inferior hardware, paying for games onb dvd, etc etc )

edit : "Sony's approach: Update the graphics, add trophies and put the game out for $40 at retail to sell millions...
Microsoft's approach: Update the graphics, maybe add some features, add achievements and put the game on XBLA for $10-20...
Nintendo's approach: Just put all the games on the platform at a reduced cost as they are. "

- don't compare sub-game with masterpieces
- 40 ? for two games, in hd (not "updated poor graphics of poor games")
- if you want to talk about money and value, sony killed the competition in every fronts (hardware, accesories, psn prices : wipe out, etc say hello)
so, when a dumb man paid to much for his crap, the first thing to do, is to don't "lol" about people smarters, who have the best, for the best price :)

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