Rumour: StarCraft II Beta Starting 1st July

In three days time, players may be allowed back into the StarCraft 2 beta once more, says rumours.

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JonahNL2942d ago

My, that would be awesome. I'm itching for some action once again. I wonder what improvements Blizzad has come up with, if these rumors are true. =3

Cogo2942d ago

Well, they better, or else there's only a few days before release. June is kinda up now!

Djorgo2942d ago

I think it's mostly that has been improved.

Terrice2942d ago

This is great news, plus it'll hopefully tide us over until the eventual release at the end of the month.

Djorgo2942d ago

Well, if an exclusive beta for one of the biggest PC baangs started yesterday, then it should be soon!

Cogo2942d ago

Yeah, this is true. I wonder what they had to pay for that!

Holyknight30002942d ago

My gut says this will be for sure because its 2-3 weeks before the release of the game and they need stress tests done anyways. I can't wait to play again because i need to put the ointment on my burn that is the wow burnout. Been playing torchlight in the meantime.

UIOP2942d ago

That would indeed be cool :)

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