El33tonline Exclusive Q & A With Microsoft SA: Xbox LIVE and Kinect in South Africa

El33tonline writes:

"... One key, absolutely vital feature was missing from South Africa’s overall Xbox 360 experience right from the get-go, however - a feature that promised to enrich and embellish the vanilla, everyday singleplayer games available and take them ‘to the next level,’ as it were. The feature in question?

South African Xbox 360 owners didn’t (and still don’t have) official Xbox LIVE support. No online multiplayer. No downloadable content. No Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Nothing.

By December this year, however, this official support will finally arrive, and Xbox 360 gamers in South Africa, and eight other countries, will be able to access Xbox LIVE from their country of origin.

To find out more about Xbox LIVE in South Africa, as well as Microsoft’s controller-free gaming device that was unveiled at E3 this year, Kinect, El33tonline sent a few questions over to Product and Marketing Manager for Xbox 360 South Africa, Yvette van Rooyen:"

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