Obsidian: Square Enix's Expansion "Smart"

Speaking to IncGamers at E3, Obsidian Entertainment big cheese Feargus Urquhart, has said Square Enix's expansion with the RPG genre has been "smart".

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Dorjan2887d ago

Square haven't been doing so hot with their titles these last few years imo

Quagmire2887d ago

Wait...didnt obsidian make Alpha Protocol?


chak_2887d ago

you played it?

many say it's a great RPG, but has technical flaws.

Anyway I'm greatly waiting for DS 3 !

romemac72887d ago

Square Enix's make's me wonder sometimes, what happen. But i won't lose hope in Square Enix's just yet because i enjoy FF13 somewhat and i'm waiting for FF13vs, but if FF13vs suk that all hope is lost.

Chazmers2887d ago

Hopefully Dungeon Siege III will be quality