Xbox 360 or PS3 – which is the better movie deal?

Looks like the 'battle' between HD DVD and Blu-ray is heating up all the more, what with the PS3's recent price cut as well as Microsoft's recent move to reduce the price of its Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on. For those who are not in the know, Microsoft is selling the HD DVD player for its next generation console for $179, shaving off $20 from the original $199 price.

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Monty_The_Great3953d ago

i always thought this was a site about video games.

Zhuk3953d ago

agreed man i'm gettin pretty tired of hearing about format wars on a gaming site

XxZxX3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

I only have one thing to say,
We don't force you to read every news in N4G(you don't get point for reading news). Sure this is a format war news, but gamers do watch movies and PS3 and XBOX 360 have the capability on HD media playback. If you are really just focusing on games and do not like to keep up to date with movies or format wars, do us a favor, don't click it and then whine about it.

Zhuk3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

the article is indirectly related to gaming at best, remember that movies are not games. Sure both consoles offer the option to play blu-ray or hd-dvd in some capacity but it is not gaming news.

If this article was about the superior storage capability of blu-ray for the purpose of gaming, or even about which format is superior as a gamer that would be great that's actually relevant to me as a gamer, however the other players decided to stick with DVD for the purposes of gaming, Sony is the only one who wanted their console to take advantage of the superior storage space of Blu-Ray for gaming therefore there is no 'format war' on the gaming front. The format wars articles are usually about the movie industry and I fail to see what relevance that has to me as a gamer apart from the fact that these consoles can play these discs.

DTClown3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

"remember that movies are not games."

Not true at all. There have been all kind of games in the past that are "movie games" that use film and video sequences as the interactive content ie... Night Trap, Dragons Lair, SpaceAce, Doc. Maghee, and so on. Alot of these style "movie games" have been light gun games as well. I'm sure we have not seen the last of this style of "video" game.

Zhuk3953d ago

sorry but those games you mentioned were not movies, they were 'multimedia' games that were popular and the 'multimedia' revolution of the 90s failed to live up to its promise, the only fmv style games that were decent was Gabriel Knight 2 and the Wing Commander Series. I cant predict the future, but they were multimedia games not films and have absolutely nothing at all to do with what is being discussed here.

Captain Tuttle3953d ago

I'm getting sick of this crapola. Let's stick to games.

FadeToBlack3953d ago

This is a gaming and technology related website. As you can tell by the variety of tabs on the top of the page. I really don't understand why some people take such offense to updated news on the current HD format war. if you dont want to read or comment on this type of article you can simply ignore it and read something else. I think that some people just want to complain and be noticed sometimes.

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Lex_Yayo_4073953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

They should've just made the 360 Elite with the HD-DVD built into it. I would've done it just to make my sales go through the roof.

AngryTypingGuy3953d ago

If Blu Ray didn't make PS3 sales go through the roof, what makes you think HD-DVD would've made 360 sales go through the roof? Microsoft didn't include it in the console because they didn't want to charge the customer the extra $100. They left it as a choice, up to the consumer.

kevin11223953d ago

angry, microsoft didnt do it because i think they had little faith in hd-dvd. They couldnt care less about the consumer.

ThaGeNeCySt3953d ago

Sales would not have gone thru the roof if MS added the HD-DVD drive built in... it would have drove up costs which would in turn drive up the price which would result in low sales a la PS3

Monty_The_Great3953d ago

the problem with next-gen video is that the next playstaion is one of the foramts, and people more than know the name "playstation." if it mwasn't for the ps3, blu-ray would be dead, because HD-DVD is better in every way, better menu's, better clarity, cheaper stand alone players. If it wasn't for the ps3, blu-ray wouldn't exist. But saying, that, if HD-DVD players become something like $150-$200, then you can count out Blu-Ray. Because, society only responds to price, not content.

Premonition3953d ago

You can argue the other way as well, if PS3 didnt have Blu ray as a built in device they would offer it as a stand alone add on like Microsoft, but since Sony is known for being into the movie industry and what not, I think people would pick up that add-on rather then HD DVD seeing as how Blu ray has the most support today, and also since it would be an add-on PS3 would be much cheaper, probably around the 360 premium price.

LeonSKennedy4Life3953d ago

What are you talking about?

Maybe the players are cheaper, but if you compare the pictures side-by-side...Blu-ray is the obvious winner. You've never done this, have you? That, and Blu-ray discs are nigh-unscratchable.


Why did you have to say those things? WHY???

kr90913953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

If people respond to price and not content then why would they care if HD-DVD has better features or menus or whatever???? BTW Blu-Ray pwns HD-DVD in Picture Clarity!! Do a side by side comparison and see for yourself!

Jdash243953d ago

and @monty the great, blu ray has much better quality, and also i dont think anyone cares about the menu, they buy the movie for the movie, not just pointless features
also the blu ray is utelized in the blu ray so game developers have plenty of space to make the best games possible, so lets see 9 gb of space for a game on the 360, while the ps3 has 50 gb of space for the game, which means better graphics, gameplay, quality, much more story and maps
the blu ray can hold 20 more gb than hd dvd, it has better quality, the only reason hd dvd is still going is because the average consumer like cheap things and they dont do their research

ps. learn to spell

mightydog013953d ago

yeah cheap hardware that fails not good for buyer. they want excelent hardware that last money well spent?.AND THAT WHY I WENT FOR Quality reliable hardware.

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Kyur4ThePain3953d ago

go out, buy the "MS HD-DVD" player, connect it to my TV and watch those movies? No? Then it's not an HD-DVD player.
That's like selling the shell of a DVD player and congratulating me on my wonderful new purchase.
Where's the stuff that actually plays the damn movie? I have to buy something else too?