B4HD: Crazy Taxi Revisit

B4HD kicks off its Dreamcast week with a retrospective look at Crazy Taxi.

B4HD's Pete Davison writes: Some games are developed as artistic masterpieces, incorporating in-depth narratives, techniques half-inched from cinematography, professional-quality voice acting or a stirring soundtrack. And some games are developed as simple, pure expressions of joy and fun.

Crazy Taxi for the Dreamcast falls into the latter category by a large margin.

Released onto an unsuspecting public in early 2000, Crazy Taxi is, in many ways, the quintessential SEGA game. It’s fast. It’s colourful. It’s loud. It’s fun. And it has great big numbers on screen that either count down time or count up score. It’s brash, in-your-face and impossible not to love.

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acronkyoung2859d ago

the Offspring/Bad Religion soundtrack on the Dreamcast Crazy Taxi. It was pretty much the sole reason I went to my friend's house to play it.