Alan Wake The Signal Teaser

Remedy has released a very short teaser trailer for the first planned episodic episode of Alan Wake. The Signal releases next month on Xbox Live Marketplace and is free for those that purchased first Alan Wake new. A second DLC titled The Writer is also in the works, along with perhaps an Alan Wake 2 if both Alan Wake and it’s special episodes are a success.

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dizzleK2889d ago

there'd better be an alan wake 2. if crap like ninety nine knights can get a sequel, something good like this should too.

-MD-2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

As a fan of Ninety Nine Nights I take offense to that sir. Alan Wake was great though I'll agree there.

xxchicago33xx2889d ago

Agree...Alan Wake is very underrated. Easily one of the most unique & enjoyable games I've played. It has a really good impact kind of like Alone in the Dark.

Having played this and Deadly Premonition I am happy that Alan Wake stayed away from the open world model. Now if they can focus on facial animation and lip syncing in the 2nd.... It would be golden.