September EGM Takes Massive Dump On Blue Dragon, Lair

The numbers say it all:

Blue Dragon: 6.5, 7.5, 6.5
Lair: 6.0, 5.5, 5.0

Get ready for some tremendously disappointed gamers...Hit the jump for more (low) scores.


Changed to rumor as the EGM September issue is not out yet.

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sticky doja3885d ago

I would like to read why they gave Blue Dragon and Lair such bad scores. I was looking forward to both.

daous3885d ago

Dan Hsu, one of the EGM reviewers, is KNOWN to be a XBOX fanboy, and he ALWAYS criticizes anything SONY. No wonder LAIR go so low.

Blue Dragon never looked great to me. I saw a lot of gameplay videos, and the environment detail looks like it can be done on the PS2. The difference is how "fluid" the animations are. Lost Oddysey looks way better (and their both done by the same developer).

junk563885d ago


no proof whatsoever, a forum post
no scans, pics nothing.

and for some reason this guy is the only person that got the magazine 10 days before its released. We can totally believe him.

but we don't know yet so this should be titled as RUMOR

neogeo3885d ago

need I say more???


Bathyj3885d ago

Even if its not fake, I dont think I trust their opinion (which is all a review is).

One of the posts claim Lair got 6 for graphics so straight away its fishy. I'd give the graphics at least 8.5 based just on video let alone waiting to see the full game at 1080p.

Not creditable at all. I dont mind that stuff like this gets posted like some other people, but shouldn't it have a question mark and be presented as a rumour?

Vojkan3885d ago

Its is FAKE for God sake, where is proof? just some forum post, i am in awe that this "so called article", actually forum post is made into an article and than posted here. Give me a brake!

macalatus3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I just checked into the egm/ website and couldn't find any Lair review. So where in the devil's name were they getting this so-called EGM review score information? Unless...

SorenK3885d ago

random forum posts should not count as "rumors", let alone "news"

JsonHenry3885d ago

I played the demo of blue dragon... and let me tell you, what 1.2 said about the environment looking like it could have been done on the PS2 is 100% correct. And from what I can tell, the overall gameplay is even less enjoyable than Final Fantasy. I did only get to spend an hour playing it, hoping it would get better- but it never did.

LAME. That is the score I would give it based on the demo.

And as far as Lair getting a bad score, I kinda figured it would be mediocre. Sure, it looks great. Sure, you can do some fancy tricks in the air. But it is basically nothing but Dynasty Warriors with dragons to fly on. It doesn't seem to have much of a story. And the few gameplay gimmicks it has are not enough to make up for the lack of overall depth to the game.

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ngg123453885d ago

And I was anticipating both

larry0073885d ago

they have horrible history of poor reviewing games.

no one care about GGM .

i am getting LAIR on the 14th no doubt.

see the new gameplay footages of LAIR posted at N4G on the 1st place

Bigmac5733885d ago

Can't believe it...always next month I suppose =)

xmod3885d ago

don't be a p*ssy. are u going to let one review effect you or your purchasing decisions so much? wait until the other reviews come out (, they have one, and only as a last resort

wait until the other reviews come out and make your own decision. egm sucks anyways, their best days are behind them.

zantetsuken3885d ago

I had high hope for both titles, especially Blue Dragon. I have to admit, the demo was kind of meh, load times were ridiculous just to enter battles.

SofaKingReetodded3885d ago

when i say the 360 is underpowered?

WilliamRLBaker3885d ago

they argue cause you have no idea what your talking bout and the 360 being underpowered sure as hell is outselling ps3, gas more and better games..

RyuCloudStrife3885d ago

can somebody help me here right now