Gran Turismo 5 Video Blowout: Tuscany (Day/Night), Ferrari Enzo at Madrid, Rome

Five new videos of Gran Turismo 5 have been emerged, showing new Tuscany, Madrid and Rome gameplay footage.

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stonecold12674d ago

on ps3 cant wait for november wished it was here already thought

Headshot812674d ago

(I just Jizzed my pants)

ShakeShakeShake2674d ago

Control yourself! How will you able to handle playing the real game when you can't even handle watching it?

deadpoole2674d ago

this is just effing amazing ... never been this hyped about GT game ever before. Can someone pls tell if it will have rain, snow as well.

One more thing ... what antialiasing its using ... is it MLAA???

Cevapi882673d ago

would have loved to see the guy put the camera in the cockpit view during the night rally race....that would have been awesome to see

SOAD2674d ago

ya I'm confident that everyone knows the game is only on PS3. You don't have to keep saying it just because it annoys other people.

rezzah2673d ago

People say it because theyre glad to have such a game on their console. 360 fans (would) do the exact same thing.

bjornbear2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )


SOAD2673d ago

Yeah, I know that 360 fanboy idiots say the same thing about games like Gears or Halo, but you need to understand that from my point of view, his comment adds no substance or originality to the thread. I'm certain that he is doing it just to piss off 360 fanboys, but I also get pissed off because I come to this site to read interesting articles and read unique comments. I don't want to hear three dozen people from one side saying, "PS3 - it only does everything" while three dozen people from another side say, "Gears 3, only on 360."

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toaster2673d ago

Finally a good racing game that runs at 60FPS.. GT5 looks to be thee racer to own in 2010. Those night tracks look brilliant.

I might just get a PS3 for this game. There aren't many good racing games on PC and my G25 has been collecting dust since Dirt2.

The Shadow2673d ago

why does this site always get the first hands on and gt videos? what a treat, btw those videos are amazing! can't wait. my g27 is waiting....

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ArcFatalix2674d ago

PS3 is the best console in the whole world, i spit on the 360.

GT5 baby <3

LCS_Furious_Dre2674d ago

I absolutely agree. You should have about 15 bubbles by now. heres one on the house.

DelbertGrady2674d ago

Only possible thx to the power of the PS3 coupled with the storage capacity of Blu-Ray. GOTY confirmed! It only does everything :)

Why o why2674d ago

Only possible thanks to the power of the PS3 coupled with the storage capacity of Blu-Ray. GOTY contender confirmed! It only does everything :)

beavis4play2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

you were always a 360 guy for so long.......and now you're pro ps3? (although i do detect the slightest amount of sarcasm in your post -LOL)

don't become a "bubble-whore" ay true to what you like!

LCS_Furious_Dre2674d ago

People say some amazing things when they are down to one bubble. Suddenly the PS3 is ok now.

mushroomwig2674d ago

Sodas comment is so fake that it hurts to read.

demonddel2673d ago

hey man thats all it takes to get bubbles round here its on now

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ElitaStorm2674d ago

wow i loved the night video, this game looks so realistic

Gue12674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

GT5 is so realistic that it makes real life look like a N64 game! =D

demonddel2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

i was just about to say the same thing

nefertis2674d ago

Damn gt5 dont bury your competition lol.

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