American McGee: 'Kinect Shovelware Vital'

Alice 2 developer American McGee has today on his blog stressed the importance of Kinect shovelware on sales and bringing new audiences to the format.

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labwarrior2946d ago

Why not attrat casuals, and then turn them to hardcore gamers too, with the vast hardcore lineup of 360 ?

It is far from Wii case that is only for casuals in all games, even Zelda TP was super easy for babies

Omega42946d ago

That is true, people seem to think that just because all the kinect games are casual the current hardcore lineup and game like Halo and Gears don't exist anymore making it a casual only console. MS needs these games for Kinect to succeed they got the hardcore on lockdown and now they are trying to expand to other demographics.

mrv3212945d ago

2 games, from now 'till E3... Sounds great to me./s

Hardcore lockdown? I'm sorry what? You can't lockdown the hardcore with 2 games... I'm what people might call ( not a fanboy ) but hardcore and let me tell you I can't play 2 games over a period of a year.... and if it's multiplatform I'll buy it on my PS3 over my 360.

fryday2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

Despite that, hardcoregames mostly need more than 1 year to be developed

tinybigman2946d ago

shovelware does tend to help sales of consoles. it helped PS1, PS2, and now the wii. I'm glad i don't support those types of games since i hate them.

HighTreason2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

"Why not attrat casuals, and then turn them to hardcore gamers too"

Good luck trying to get my mom to play Gears of War after some messing around with Kinect, good luck with that.

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Why o why2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

has already proved this.....

whats wrong with embracing BOTH

its possible IF it was possible but kinect itself seems like it can only really cater to the casuals. People will get pissed and say whatever but MS has shown absolutely nothing in regards to the core gamers in respects of kinect. The problem is their slim resources may detract from the development of games the customers who put them where they are prefer. Personally casuals have always been catered for by sony and nintendo, MS more recently obviously with the lips, ur in the movies etc but there has to be a balance. People are worried about the super push for casuals for both kinect and move but at least with move we've actually seen games working that the core play.

fastrez2946d ago

because it's interesting to get a developer's perspective on the situation. Plus, if you read it, McGee's blog is actually reactionary to another article someone else wrote. It's interesting stuff, promise.

DelbertGrady2946d ago

I want some of what his parents smoked while deciding names for their baby.

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Fishy Fingers2946d ago

I'm sure kinect will be A success for MS, but I still struggle to see why so many of the core 360 gamers are excited about it, games wise there's nothing aimed at the demographic. Is it merely brand loyalty?

Rainstorm812946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

I ask myself this question over and over only answer is that some people will support anything branded with the company that they support.

Kinects multimedia features are pretty cool but id want it for games and thats where it fails so hard in my eyes at the time being......still time till launch , but i dont think much will change.

and American Mcgee's thoughts doesnt help me at all. I dont buy shovelware.

R0me2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

They think its cool. I heard xbox people talking about kinect and they were all euphoric, saying things like: Awww this will be like minority report. But they cant be serious?

I wish an xbox fan would explain me whats so good about kinect.

I hated PS Move when it was first announced, but when I saw some games, I thought its cool, maybe I will get it if I have the money. But no "DAY ONE" talking.

When Natal was announced I thought it could be good, but when I saw the games it looked so stupid and I would never buy it.

edhe2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

Think beyond the current batch of games - the potential that's there.

If you're not at least partially excited for what could be done with this tech then you're no gamer.

The simple stuff will come out first, the cool stuff will be next year. What you see with move will be a quick adoption to the games but nothing new will come of it. It's just aping the Wii and after 4 years there's nothing revolutionary been done with the wiimote [that i know of] and the move is inherently the same concept - just evolved somewhat.

Kinect is new tech, new concept, new potential. Forget about the first batch of games (except child of eden) and consider what could be added to your usual games. That first batch is pretty killer for the 'wii crowd' though - dance, sports, family fun & fitness. It's exactly the right marketing for now.

Do not define a technology by the games that come with it at the start. Seems stupid to say that here as nobody would listen but hey.. otherwise the ps3 would've been defined by Genji & Ridge Racer whereas the 360 would've been the Kameo & Condemned box.

R0me2946d ago

I know the tech since the ps eye and I didnt like the idea, never bought it, never heard of someone who has it.

So why should I be excited? All I here is it has delay. Well I dont know if that is true, I have to buy it, so I could see it on my own.

Well I am not a big fan of these things, if I would like the idea to move infront of my tv, I would already have bought a wii. AND THATS THE POINT.
Why you have an xbox/ps3 and are so freaking excited about this, I just dont get it, why didnt you buy a wii?

Seriously I am a gamer and thats the problem: I like to play REAL games.
So kinect is nothing for me, I dont think that it has potential.
At least not for me.

edhe2945d ago

I'm also a serious gamer - in that i like to get into solid narrative games, or sandbox games for my own pleasure. I'm not greatly excited for Kinect yet - as as you say it's all about standing up right now which i'm not really into..

I already have a Wii, it gathers dust and eats up an IP on my router, i'm not that interested in that.

What i'm considering is the stuff that will come after the full-body motion control stuff is done and dusted.

The stuff they're doing now is broad-stroke, consider what will happen with lighter strokes. Argh, it's hard to describe, especially not to a non-native english speaker.

Ah - right. Forget about the whole body thing, just.. forget about it for now. Consider what it can do when it's merged with the proper controller and all it does is *add* to what you're already doing ingame instead of replace the controller.

*that* is what i'm interested in. That extra input, the facial recognition, voice control, head tracking etc. It's nothing to do with what they've already shown. I'll wait for the future trailers, videos, demonstrations to see how i feel about how *I* want to be using this new tech.

However... other half may like the body shape stuff if it does good yoga.

So, in short - i don't like wii much, it's ugly, imprecise, uninspired. I'm not interested in Move because it's the same underlying concept as the Wii. I'm not interested in the stand-up and do stuff aspect of Kinect. What i *AM* interested in, and others should be too, is how it will expand upon the experience of the core controller-based gamer who won't have to drop the d-pad & analogue sticks to use the new tech also.

Unfortunately there's almost nobody discussing or showing anything like that just yet :(

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