Half-Ass Gaming: Singularity Review

When I first got word of Singularity, I immediately thought back to the game "Timeshift". In fact I originally thought this was some kind of sequel to that game, especially from the old screen shots scattered across the internet. Now it seems that Singularity is more like a first-person, time traveling, horror shooter instead. Yeah that is a lot to say, but the real question is... does Singularity bring anything new to an already flooded genre.

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Cajun Chicken2794d ago

I have to admit. Looks totally awesome to me, I'm going to have to see about renting this. I like a good old, chunky run and gun FPS.

Montrealien2794d ago

it is a worthy rental, aklthough with so many great shooters out there, it is hard to justify as a 60 $ purchase. nonetheless, it is a great game.

TheGameFoxJTV2794d ago

This kid is stupid. He said that this game has bad voice acting, which it truly doesn't. This game is very good, and no one should look at this review. Doesn't do the game justice. This kid obviously only plays Call of Duty and Halo. One of THOSE gamers; Yes, it's a kid.

Cajun Chicken2794d ago

I ignored the guy's criticisms. Just watched the footage. Good enough for me, looks like a solid shooter.

jagstatboy2794d ago

yeah I watched the video with the sound off, lol...looks very good.

Montrealien2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

You know what it funny about the voice acting? Nolan North is with you at the start, and he totally gets his head blown off like 10 lines in, I though it was hilarious, kinda like Drew Barrymore in Scream.

Johandevries2794d ago

Same as people picking on STALKER and Metro 2033 for having bad voice-acting, but I actually like the cliche Russian of American voiceactors

SpLinT2794d ago

why are they even reviewing the fucking voice acting? How about they review the fun factor of the game.

NecrumSlavery2794d ago

Looks pretty good to me. I am always down for a shooter to try out the single player experience. Always keep online for Killzone and occasional COD fixes. Kind of gave meet a FEAR meets BIOSHOCK vibe. And it's on my Gamefly, and I am happy to try it.

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The story is too old to be commented.