360 HW Outselling PS3 Worldwide

With the recent release of the new slim and the huge momentum from Kinect the 360 has had a massive boost of sales even with huge shortages, and with the boost from the US alone (due to the slim releasing later for the rest of the world) the 360 has broken significantly outpaced the PS3 a trend which will likely continue.

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Xwow20082820d ago

is that ps3 is outselling x360 hardware worldwide for almost all weeks in 2010(according to vgchartz)..but when a 1 week the 360 outsell ps3 a 360fanboy submit the news on n4g.

Note:most of the 360 slim owners are already have 360s...see the software sales:
Wii 2,006,111 (-15%) 492,037,923 (6.83)
PS3 1,405,326 (-12%) 250,351,723 (7.06)
X360 1,269,051 (-16%) 359,965,659 (8.91)
DS 1,189,524 (-1%) 559,100,991 (4.27)
PSP 434,301 (-16%) 162,624,990 (2.77)
PS2 173,899 (-5%)

Xwow20082820d ago

1 last thing...its interesting that vgchartz news got approved, so we can now submit vgchatrz news every week when the ps3 outsell 360?^^

FlatulentGhost2820d ago

"but when a 1 week the 360 outsell ps3"

Uh, no.

vgchartz is a site run by a 20 something year old Xbox fan who sits at home and types fake numbers into his computer and uploads them to his crappy little website.

vgchartz was started after the kid was repeatedly caught posting fake sales numbers on the neogaf forums. He eventually got perma-banned from the forums over his idiotic attempts at making Xbox 360 sales look better than they actually were. So he started his pathetic little fanboy site so he could spread his fake sales number lies.

Even with the little Xbox fan at vgchartz using SHIPPED numbers for Microsoft and SOLD for Sony and Nintendo he still can't inflate 360 sales enough to keep the Microsoft numbers above Sony. Even more embarrassing is the PS3 is still 100 dollars more expensive.

Reporting SHIPPED instead of SOLD numbers
100-200 dollars cheaper
Millions and millions of replacement Xbox 360s from the RRoD
And rushing a console out a year to year and a half early

And this is the best Microsoft can do. LOL

ChronoJoe2820d ago

VGC corrects any of its data with NPD stats, but mostly very, very accurate. Some of you have no idea what you're talking about and simply look for any excuse to shrug it off.

But yeah, a sales boost is expected at the launch of a new system. It's not anywhere near as large as the sales boost the slim offered (it boosted sales by 1000%) and we'll have to see how these sales are sustained.

I doubt it'll last very long, as is a lot of current owners are gradually replacing there old 360s with the new ones.

Wrathman2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

vgchartz= worst piece of industry guess work..i think patcher runs this site.

but i have all the ps3 fanboys claiming its current 360 owners rebuying...did you forget the ps3 slim?or does fanboy logic state that only new customers bought that?

jezzz its only vgchartz..i wouldnt even claim that as a source and you say im an xbox fanboy!

rlm422820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

@Xwow2008 The thing is that this is news because it's showing the shift in momentum.. So what is your problem with this being a news article?

Stop being a blatant fanboy and accept this as news as something DIFFERENT is now happening with hardware sales.

DelbertGrady2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

If "we" can constantly approve articles about 360 games being leaked onto torrents(never any news about Wii/PC/PSP/DS games) I don't see why this can't be posted.

Hell, this is the most factual piece of journalism I've ever read compared to some of what the hiphopgamer comes up with.

theKiller2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

for the first time in a long time world wide!!

and that is to be expected!! 360 just introduced a slim version!! and many people think that it is more reliable than the fat one!!

assuming the numbers are close to correctness but we all know how correct VGCHARTZ is.

and God knows the best.


stiggs2820d ago

"And this is the best Microsoft can do. LOL"

You sound just as pathetic as the person that you described in your post.

Conloles2820d ago

If the facts were the other way around no one would be saying Meh around here.

DaTruth2820d ago

Again VGChartz disappears when it's favourable for the PS3 only to return in one day when 360 gets good sales!

Now, when sales go back to normal, VGChartz is again being approved with good PS3 sales and PS3 owners have the audacity to comment on sales, we will hear the same, "Now teh VGChartz iz correct" from 360 fanboys!

beans2820d ago

Why is it when ever PS3 is selling better worldwide you guys are praising it but now(since the shoe is on the other foot) it doesn't matter blah blah blah? Sounds like you guys are having serious double standard issues.

OT-With 360 and Ps3 starting to generate momentum I wonder just how long it will last and if they could somehow give Nintendo a true run for the money this holiday.

lh_swe2820d ago

Since both consoles are selling strong and will continue to sell strong due to their very strong future line-ups (both hardware & software), especially when we are talking about a market share with such little difference (taking mostly yearly market share into account).

There have been no verifiable evidence that one of the two consoles are in any way doomed nor destined to outperform the other by significant margins as any strong move be it in marketing, exclusive games or hardware peripherals will always push the competition to match or surpass that initial move thus a conclusive end to the "race" cannot be established until the actual "race" is actually over.

Now undoubtedly one could argue from a pure mathematical stand point pitting exclusives and their respective scores against each other, hardware and their respective pro's and con's against each other and assign each feature a score of importance/value/usage and pit those against each other but then we completely ignore the individual and their own needs and preferences which would just be redundant as we are not a collective consciousness but an individual one. I think it's also important to learn to respect those individual preferences as they hold NO bearing on important real world issues.

Delive2820d ago

I agree that some of the PS3 slim purchases were original replacements, but we all know that many were refusing to buy a PS3 because of the price (and lack of quality games). I would say far more PS3 slim owners are new buyers than replacements because of the coupled price drop. With the 360 slim, there is no price drop with that model, only the discontinued models. Everyone I know that owns a new 360 slim took advantage of the gamestop trade in program of the older 360s. One guy even traded in 2 360s to get 1 360 slim. So, yes, they both received boost from the slim models, but different kinds of boosts.

Sony3602820d ago

They did the exact same thing when the Ps3 first started to gain ground too.

Quit whining and calling other people fanboys, you hypocrite.

Christopher2820d ago

The new 360 will outsell for a good month or two.

Gothdom2820d ago

Sales spike are to be expected, but I doubt the 360 will have long run with it's S model.

ASSASSYN 36o2820d ago

People have been hating on Vgchartz news for years on this site and as soon as it has high ps3 numbers it becomes a credible source of system sells. But, when 360 sells overtake ps3 all hell breaks loose aginsts the site and it's 20 something year old operator.

EvilBlackCat2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

so lets say that

PS3 outsell Xbox360


Xbox360 outsell PS3...

What do you win or earn because of that?


this goes for everybody

i really wanna know what you guys win with that



Xbotx, Droids and whatever the name they have for wii fanboys

killershadow1172820d ago

because then you have to say that about the PS3 slim too. So you could argue that the PS3 was outselling the Xbox because of the slim, but now that they are on an even playing field again, vgchartz will be more accurate now.

Hideo_Kojima2820d ago

Oh come on Xwow2008...

N4G can't be this corrupt.

Are you telling me when the PS3 was outsold for the majority of 2009 and in the first week the PS3 Slim was released it started selling more people didn't post that on the news?

Enough with the double standards it makes me feel sick.

Solidus187-SCMilk2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

I dont take VG charts numbers for fact, as I know they are estimates.

But it is funny to see everyone say vg charts are unreliable now. But when Vg chartz showed slow Alan wake sales it was taken as fact instantly(we still dont have may npd numbers to see how AW did in NA, LOL).

If you want to know exactly how the new 360 did, you will have to wait till the JUNE NPD comes out. The MAY NPD isnt out yet ether, it was delayed.

fuckitimout2820d ago

if it's not in anyway lucrative them? Console 'wars' are stupid

JD_Shadow2820d ago

Of course it could be more because of the newness of the whole thing. That and the whole "MS counts ALL consoles being given out as sales" business that could be true (over-saturation, as I am wondering with why the Wii sales were beginning to fall, is somehow not affecting the 360 when it should be starting at this point). This might happen for a short while, so that isn't such a big deal. The big deal will be if the streak continues. That and VGChartz HAS seemed to always inflated the 360's sales, and it's been accused of doing so for years. The argument doesn't go away, so there has to be SOME truth to it.

We do care about sales, though, because the devs who use the data as a sign of trends to determine what to give exclusive perks for do care (trends and what people are buying). Of course, that being said, there is also a sort of thing as overstating the sales as the only way to determine quality. I don't think any amount of sales will stop people from thinking that disc space and system limitations are going to be issues.

To me, I think that if this is true, it'll be very short term. Most of these don't last for long before things return to where they were. Usually it takes a mistake from the people who have the momentum to make a change like this continue.

bjornbear2820d ago

the point is:

PS3 sales : no one cares because we know it sells

360 sales: instantly posted on N4G once it over takes PS3

big deal, its N4G the 360 refugee camp is constantly festered with disease so they need a good news once in a while =)

either way, congrats to the new 360, glad it helped with momentum (lets face it, 360 was loosing it a bit)

Anon19742820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Not that I don't believe that 360's took a bump as they blow out the old stock for cheap, but this link doesn't actually take you to a news article. Is this some kind of joke?

Secondly, why does VGchartz show only 35.49 million PS3's? Sony reported 35.43 million PS3's sold at the end of Dec, 2009. Does Vgchartz expect us to believe the PS3 has only sold 60,000 consoles in the past six months?

Dee_912820d ago

WII and DS are also outselling ps3 too....
did you get that ? lol

somerandomdude2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

How did this article get approved without editing?
"the 360 has broken significantly outpaced the PS3 a trend which will likely continue"
Where is this comment even coming from, it's not on the web page given? I do not see any facts backing up that the trend might continue, it seems to come from nowhere?

The sales aren't even that far apart in worldwide sales, vgchartz might not even have full information, this could easily change the results.

Heisenberg2820d ago

This looks like it was written by a slower than average 5 year old with ADD. Learn how to construct a coherent sentence before submitting news. You must have read over it before you submitted it, right? The education system has failed you pal.... Were you just like: "This doesn't quite make sense, it's just a long run on sentence with no punctuation, some words in the wrong places, some words that simply don't even belong in it, but people may get the general gist of it, so fuck it I'll just leave this nonsense as is and submit it."

Anon19742820d ago

I forgot that Sony switched from reporting consoles shipped to consoles sold after the end of fiscal 2006. The number that had at the end of 2006's fiscal year was 5.5 million shipped, but it was 3.61 million units sold.

That took means their worldwide total at their year end last March was 35.95 million.

Still, VGchartz's numbers are way off from the official numbers, even if it's not as much as I had originally thought. They only claim there's 35.5 million PS3's sold now when Sony said there was 35.95 sold as of last March. Does VG still expect us to believe no PS3's were sold the last 3 months?

edgeofblade2820d ago

A wise man once said "There are lies, damned lies, and statistics."

Look, I'm surprised EITHER side of this argument has anything more than an pack upright drinking straws to stand on.

But especially liked this little quote: "most of the 360 slim owners are already have 360s"

Do you have any evidence that that's the case? Or that PS3 owners weren't buying up PS3 Slims any more than 360 owners were buying 360-Ses? Pot, meet Kettle.

Jazz41082820d ago

It will be the first of many charts reporting it.

soxfan20052820d ago

Funny how you've disappeared for the past 9 months while VGChartz showed PS3 outselling 360.

Suddenly, 360 is back on top, and out of the woodwork you crawl with your ridiculous conspiracy theories.

Just an amazing coincidence I guess.

beardpapa2820d ago

well vgchartz needs to make a living somehow...

Aquanox2820d ago

IT's probably too early to call a difference but it seems that the Xbox 360 has earned a lot of steam since E3 and I wouldn't be surprised if this trend continues and gets stronger in Holiday's season with Kinect.

homer2820d ago

You obviously do not know what you are talking about. Vgchartz is not run by xbots. Its community is way more focused on nintendo and sony.Majority of its users are against microsoft (meaning they do not own their console and do not care about it.)They do not track shipped data over sold for anything. There are multiple threads about shipped vs sold( so many that if you start one about this topic, it gets locked /you get banned) where people complain about the numbers not being correct because way more were shipped. Albeit, they may not be the most accurate, but they are the best at presenting the data.


Never take VGCHARTZ numbers seriously they're never accurate ...just a bunch of made up numbers.

MasterX2820d ago

Note:most of the ps3 slim owners already had the old ps3

Drac2820d ago

The only place where 360 outsold the PS3 was the US, not really a good start for a new slim version of the console.

No Way2820d ago

So, I find it funny Jamie Foxx says, vgchartz eh.
But, then read what xwow says, it's hilarious, ha.

So, Jamie Foxx, VGChartz is only 'good' when PS3 says more, huh?

BX812819d ago

Sweetie don't get worked up because you don't see sh%t of the profit!

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Rainstorm812820d ago

Now half will embrace Vgchartz again and the other half will renounce it again.

Its fun to watch flip flopping on N4G.

FlatulentGhost2820d ago

Oh god shut up.

No one but diehard Xbox fans still cling to vgchartz fake sales numbers.

There is no 'flip flopping' retard.

nickjkl2820d ago

vgchartz sales numbers arent fake they might be out dated some times but their not fake

angel_from_above69862820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

flip flopping 101

resolution only matters- except red dead redemption
disk space matters- only in final fuck up 13

wifi mattered when the 360 didnt have it
now the tables behind last gen text chat hahah i did that shit on dreamcast.......

but but ps3 is soooooooooo much better!!! eh beterz!

web browser that sucks! but but but teh live dont have that sorry ass shit!!! but but but but teh!!!

last but not least achievements suck!!!!! its just your e-penis!!!!!!!

sony says its all great

Sony3602820d ago

Vgchartz is only relevant if it shows data favoring the Ps3.

Now suddenly it's biased the moment another console is reported to be selling better, even if it's just for one week.

Gotta love the fanboys calling "fanboy" on this article.

Redlogic2820d ago

when I saw this article up on the site, I knew exactly how the comments would read before I even read them. Fanboys arguing over the same ol $hit...who cares? I wish people could just be happy the either system is selling well. The xbox should see a nice sales boost from all this media hype and momentum. I can see it selling strong for at least 2 or 3 more months and I say good for them.

PS. Gears 3 with dedicated servers?!? Count me in!!

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tinybigman2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

those that worship sales extremely happy for the 360 selling well last week. now they can sleep better at night knowing their world won't come to an end.

oh and please don't act like the US equals the world. this well only lead to people calling us arrogant and all sort of names again.

you know I've come to the conclusion that those who live for sales either a) have stock in said companies, or b) need these sales to validate their existence.

and before people come at me with the you're a fanboy just know that i own all 3 systems with great games. i have no problem admitting i support all 3.

Jdoki2820d ago

I suspect it's b)!

I gauge success on how much fun I have playing the games each console provides, not on sales.

tinybigman2820d ago

i completely agree with your post. if i judged the success on sales alone I'd only own a wii. but fortunately i judge them on the great games I've played for each system.

hence the owning of all 3 consoles in my case.

Rainstorm812820d ago

Thats the only problem with some of the n4g community sometimes, fanboys think you cant enjoy everything in gaming.

You must be caught up in some kind of fictional console war. Hey console wars are for executives and people who need justification in thier purchases.

I understand having a preference (as do i)....but damn

R0me2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

worldwide? Yes if US = world
headline is just wrong.

gcolley2820d ago

as long as i dont end up with another gamecube i couldn't give a sh1t about sales. most of the games i enjoy are multiplats.

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OmarJA-N4G2820d ago

I thought VGChartz was irrelevant, what happened?

Nobody bothered submitting it when the PS3 was outselling the 360.

Well assuming it's true the 360 obviously is struggling outside the U.S. & can't keep up even with the new model.

The new 360 Slim is barely effective & will only give it a slight boost in the U.S. alone temporarily.

shocky162820d ago

VGChartz numbers are posted here EVERY week dude.

Ju2820d ago

He's right though. While the overall numbers push the 360 over the PS3 - but still below the Wii - it is the US only which contributed to these numbers. Neither Japan nor Europe saw the 360 overtaking either. That makes me think the 360S wasn't released there yet, or it simply had no impact.

thewhoopimen2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

I'd like to know where this article you "linked" contains the following passage:

"....the 360 has significantly outpaced the PS3 a trend which will likely continue "

The summary is highly misleading and suggests VGChartz came to this conclusion via a one month data analysis, which they did not. I believe Zir0 knowingly falsified information in his summary and should be banned from having submission privileges.

Chris3992820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

note that the PS3 is outselling the 360 in software for the week. So, using common sense, what we have here is old owners repurchasing the system.

That said, Vgchartz is only accurate based on a 2-3% sample base, whereas NPD is upwards of 60%. Keep that in mind when referencing the site.

As of 2007, NPD DOES track Walmart, btw. So let's stop that chain of misinformation please:

If you like to play sales, you should probably wait for the NPD (I like to play GAMES, personally). And whoever posted this article did so duplicitously, as there isn't an actual article, just a link to Vgchartz and a fabricated paragraph. Pretty sure that's against N4G posting guidelines.

vhero2820d ago

How can something not released in the EU outsell the PS3? I don't get it?? It's not even out here yet.. Also that link only shows games..

lelo2play2820d ago

Humm... vchartz... they make up their numbers. Does not mean the X360 did not outsell the PS3, but i take vchartz numbers with a grain of salt.

2820d ago
ProjectVulcan2820d ago

ANYONE here who didnt think that launching new hardware means a short sharp uptake in sales? Course it will. Sustained sales is what matters to these companies, will this slim trigger a few months of continuous sales lead for 360? That is the question. I dont believe so.

bobdog6262820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

The New 360 is taking control and Halo Reach is just around the corner not counting kinect.This looks Really Bad at this Point for Sony.GT5 is not Enough to Stop Halo this time.I hope Socom is Ready by then or this is going to Hurt sonys sells alot.

TheGrimReaper2820d ago

Maybe Halo Reach will sell more than GT5. Halo 3 didn't stop Sony, Halo ODST didn't stop Sony and neither will Halo Reach stop Sony.
I'd say the major problems are on Microsofts side. Think about this: last Halo from Bungie and Gears 3 is the last game of the series which has to be exclusive (if Epic and MS don't make a new deal).
I think GT5 shifts more PS3s than Halo Reach shifts 360s IMO.

AC130-Gunship2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Don Mattrick made comments regarding the new Xbox 360's price point going into the holiday season. Clearly M$ has unleashed the hype train early to stave off the PS3 sales momentum. The Kinect add-on is aimed at the casual market (of which most already own a Wii), so that leaves the hardcore gaming market. So if the choice this holiday season is between the "sleek" version of the Xbox or PS3 exclusive like God of War 3, Uncharted 2, Grand Turismo 5, Little Big Planet 2, Killzone 3, MLB 10: The Show, Demon Souls, Journey, Flower, Fat Princess and many others.

I pick exclusives

PCnPS3Gamer2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

whatever unfortunately my fellow north americans are stupid sheep....who are attracted to shiny things with out dated tech.....*cough* dvd tray with no locking.....ps3 still is the better buy whether or not people realize it....

1.blu ray drive (slot loading)
2.internal power supply
3.proven reliability
4.over 21 first party exclusives ips every year
6hdd interchangeable not proprietary
7.hdmi 1.3
9.better 3d online
11.50gb games aka no multi disks ever or disc content limitations, free dlc on disc move has real games not just games on rails and casual petting games
13.has Uncharted 1,2, gow3, gt5, infamous killzone 2, 3, motorstorm, little big planet, twisted metal, exclusive content for all Ea multiplat games not timed.

whether or not consumers realize the ps3 is the better hardware or not doesnt make it inferior face it majority of consumers are oblivious and buy into fads..aka the 360 and its rrod...

imo as long as japan still buys the ps3 over the 360 thats all that matters cause we can all agree the japanese only buy the best.well the wii is an exception lol but im sure move will change that a bit ...

SaberEdge2820d ago

Just because you like it better does not make it better. Other people have different opinions. Not everybody has the same needs or wants, so assuming everybody wants the same features as you is asinine.

I could just as easily say that you are the stupid sheep buying into the Playstation fad just because it was more popular last generation. But I won't do that because I have a PS3 that I love and I recognize that different people like different things.

Arrogant people like you who think their opinion is the only valid one are the people this country could do without.

PCnPS3Gamer2820d ago

whatever man. yeah your totally right who needs a blu ray player, dvd is fine. theyre the same fucking price. people are morons for choosing the 360, only reason most buy the 360 is cause all theyre friends have it aka sheep.. so stfu you know im right....ps3 is better piece of technology. the 360 is getting so outdated with its dvd drive...its showing so bad and its only gunna get worse...its simple developers want to make bigger games but dont want to make multi discs so they will choose the ps3 , unless ms bribes them...and then gamers lose when we have to pay for dlc aat launch and get gimped games. i dont know about you but i wish my multiplats had just as much content as my ps3 gamer buy the ps3 or be a sheep and buy the 360 and screw everyone over, including yourself...the 360 should just die like hddvd....its just holding this gaming generation back with its last gen hardware....cant argue with facts so dont even bother

commodore642820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Two factors say it's not:

1. Vgchartz isn't always judged to be reliable. (unless it's seen to be posting good ps3 news)
2. It's only one week.

For this to be considered a new trend, we need more data.
After two months of consistent outperformance we might be able to say that 360 is once again outselling the ps3.
Kinda like the proven declining Ps3 momentum in Japan.

An established trend with accurate numbers, as in the link above, would be more convincing. Of course, if this IS a new trend then those numbers will evidently be forthcoming in the next few months.

n4gno2820d ago

"but i have all the ps3 fanboys claiming its current 360 owners rebuying...did you forget the ps3 slim?or does fanboy logic state that only new customers bought that? "

It was really different, price was a problem for a lot a people, and they wanted a ps3 since the beginning, here, nobody now is dreaming about a xbox when you can have better (ps3), only fans wanting a new garanty, and some sheep are buying that (and the difference for a first week, with a ps3 hard to find in us, is really 2 weeks, the ps3 will dominate again worlwide, like always since the beginning.

for the vgchartz subject, everybody knows that they are always under for the sony numbers, and the contrary for the others, but that give us a kind of idea of the worldwide chartz (funny too see that the only news from vgchartz this years, is for a short momentum for the xbox....each month, logic would be to here "xbox is doomed", like it was the case for sony 2006/2007, but no....propaganda continue)