MS: It’s Time To Improve Your Accessories

OXCGN: "Well congratulations Microsoft, you’ve finally released a console that finally claims to be very reliable and as expected, come Thursday morning I’ll be moving onto my fourth Xbox console as I sink my teeth into the new slim console (Xbox 360 ‘S’)… and hopefully it will be the last Xbox console I ever buy.

I must congratulate the company though- my current Xbox has lived nearly 3 years now, and is only just starting to show signs of death ­– where I have to pound the eject button a few hundred times before my precious disc is ejected.

It only cost hundreds of dollars over the years to keep up with the hardware revisions and stay remotely loyal to the brand…

I’m now finally relieved that the most expensive part of the Xbox will hopefully stay put and not break down. But now that the Xbox console itself is finally out of the spotlight, it’s time for them to shift to their accessories because they are just as unreliable as the Xbox 360 itself."

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BadCircuit2765d ago

I totally agree with the article. Microsoft has been slacking off lately in their accessories I have found. Nobody makes anything really good these days because they want you to keep buying their items.

MasterChief36242765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Microsoft certainly has been slacking in the accessories department this generation. I've gone through four of their official wired headsets in the past year, the fifth one starting to break down already, a month after buying it.

They need to get their act together... I'm tired of buying new headsets every two months, damn it :\

gcolley2765d ago

don't buy the wireless one . first one dead out of the box and the second one just sends garbage down the line to all my friends.

Christopher2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

***come Thursday morning I’ll be moving onto my fourth Xbox console as I sink my teeth into the new slim console (Xbox 360 ‘S’)… and hopefully it will be the last Xbox console I ever buy.***

It amazes me how nonchalant these type of statements are made.


I really hate Microsoft's wireless devices, whether they're built in or not. They really don't like communicating with a lot of the wireless devices out there and I've just redesigned my entertainment area so that everything can be plugged into my router directly and never use any direct wireless transactions between the 360 console and another device.

Of course, I had the same issues with my Sony TV, so Microsoft isn't alone in this, but I didn't run into the issue of having to reset my router after each use of the TV Internet features like I did with my 360. Luckily, my PS3 wireless connections have had no problem, but it's also using a wired connection now anyway.

Anyway, best way to keep a wireless connection in your house is to have a good Wireless router and one or more wireless bridges for the other areas in your house that need to communicate (such as a desktop PC on another floor). Keep all of the devices on a wired connection and let the router and bridges manage the data transfer between them.

fossilfern2765d ago

Iv had the same problems as he has with his wireless adapter. Im using the Dual band Wifi N adapter and i cannot tell you how many times the thing has just disconnected from Live for no reason then i hit connect to xbox live again and it works but ofcourse iv lost all my points gained from the multi player match. And sometimes it disconnect and it says its not there.

MorganX2765d ago

Keep in mind that Wireless-G devices interfere with Wireless-N and will slow down all N devices using your router. A dual band router allows you to have separate channels/bands for G and N. This could be part of the problem. Also, make sure your router's firmware is up to date.

fossilfern2765d ago

it is the router itself is an N router it updates itself automaticaly if there are any updates but it doesnt happen too often but its happens more than it should if you get me

Redempteur2765d ago

That's because they want you to buy another ..just like the console ...

JustTheFactsMr2765d ago

Still running a launch PS3. Whole family uses for gaming, music and it was running [email protected] for over a year when not doing the aforementioned.

None of the batteries in our controllers have died although I have broken a thumbstick. The official PS3 headset is just pure quality on the sound front. Hate the mini-mini-charger cable.

So some people do make good things. Just not MS. At least this generation. Our xbox lasted around 3 years before it start getting disc errors. I at least felt like I got value during that time. However when people around me are on their 6th 360 it's no longer a joke. Just a waste of my time.

Looks like MS decided to take the how to profit from making a lemon approach. Yeah there really is a whole business strategy on making really really bad products as your profit model. Build them to break and introduce new hardware features to encourage people to re-buy basically the same product. Sad after Xbox was such a great entry in the market.

Unfortunately for them they have tainted other products. Zune HD looked pretty good but I wouldn't go near their hardware products with a 10-foot pole anymore. They just showed such a complete disregard for their consumers that I'd have to be a masochist to give them my money as a reward.

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XboxOZ3602765d ago

Well we are in an age of dispossability, not reusability, but that doesn't excuse them or any company actually.

But it is a fact most manurfaturers build for failure rather than longevity these days, much more profitable that way . .

Only hope the new line of gear lasts longer!

8800gtx2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

"It only cost hundreds of dollars over the years to keep up with the hardware revisions and stay remotely loyal to the brand…"

And People complained about PC upgrades costing, Console makers heard the complains, except when you buy the next Box you are still limited by the same dated hardware. While this time around you pay more per game simply amazing. In certain cases you even lose out on features available on the previous box.

My successors do everything i ever could and even better. Ones that cost 100usd of today completely wipe the floor with me.


gaminoz2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

One of the reasons I got out of PC gaming were all the upgrades in software and hardware you had to make to keep up or the problems you'd have running them.

Now this gen with the PS3 I've had my game saves deleted by an update, gone through several 360s, and am instructed to constantly update games and hardware. While this means I get some good new features, and maybe extends the life of the console because they don't have to release a next model, I'm constantly worried they will die and need replacing.

Not so with my sturdy Gamecube which still runs, and the old Xbox, though I had 2 PS2s die on me.

I've been lucky with my 1st party accessories though.

8800gtx2765d ago

Eh i am near 4yrs old by now. There isnt a console on the market that can outperform me yet. I could easily run 95% of the games out now at 1080p.

Build a PC right, upgrades are a thing of the past.


SOAD2765d ago

He writes as if he is literally a graphics card.

8800gtx2765d ago

"He writes as if he"



n4gno2765d ago

xbox is not ps3 (more future proof with a better cpu than yours 8800 ,))

Godem2765d ago

It's true, i've been through so many battery packs its not funny!

SilverSlug2765d ago

I have the recharge cable plugged in the whole time when I play.

I have to go buy a replacement but I have not bought a 360 game in awhile.Might change soon though, so I have to drop 15 or whatever extra for that.

DelbertGrady2765d ago

It kind of sucks.

I play with the cord controller cause I can't stand the hassle of having to pull out the re-charge cable mid-game.

Still, it's nice to have the option to buy a new battery pack instead of being forced to buy a brand new controller.

Jinxstar2765d ago

In 3 years I have yet to have to replace a controller. I play a LOT too...

TOSgamer2765d ago

If you know how to use a screw driver you can replace the battery on a ps3 controller.

XboxOZ3602765d ago

Personally I can't see the need for the battery packs . . .

What's wrong with good old fashions rechargable Hi powered AA batteries - Nothing.

After 4 yrs, I've only had to buy a total of 6 rechargable batteries, initial 4, 2 in use, 2 on charged. Then as their recycle life expired, bought 2 more. So long as you get the high mhz ones, 2200 and above, you can't go wrong.

The recrag Packs are simply an accessory gymic as are many 'accessories' on many lines of products these days. It seems many are hell-bent on having everything a system can offer, simply to say, hey, I own all the accessories"

Big deal. If a pair of $AU24 rechargeable batteries can last 3 odd years and stay charged for almost 2 weeks of use, then why buy a replacement pack.

It takes just as long to change the 2 x AA's as it does the recharge pack, especially if you have 2 already charged as backup.

Belgavion2765d ago

I've had the squeaky sticks on the controllers, but never had a problem with mem cards and battery packs. I'm annoyed there are no memory card inputs in the new slim 360 as that's what I keep my profile on between consoles. I know I can just change over to a USB device, but that's not the point!

XboxOZ3602765d ago

With regards to controllers, I've had about 12 in my possession at any one time.

Yes 12. Not replacements, but controllers belonging to 360's I own, part of the De-bug unit from MS, my sons 360 etc, and at the moment, I currently have 8.

From those I've really only had 2 muck up, and that was simply squeaky rignt triggers from excess use more than anything else.

The 'D' Pad gave me issues on one unit, but seeing I'm not into fighting games, and more into FPS and Racing, the 'D' pad is used less frequently in my case.

Ergonomically, ppl can argue that the 360 and the PS2/3 controllers are better (each to their own), but as far as ergonomics go, the 360 is the one that wins in that regard.

I gave 3 controllers to an ergonomic expert, who had work for Qantas Aust and many large corp in setting up OH&S practices.

She rated the 360 as a perfect example of ergonomics in practice when it came to game controls. So that speaks for its self. She had no investment in choosing one over the other, and the outcome was the 360 won by miles for both short and long term use.

We all have our 'preferences', but I know I can spend hours with the 360 controller and work intuitively without any stress to my hands, whereas other, incl 3rd party controllers for both Sony and MS, can cause issues

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