Shocking: Eco-Friendly Game Cases are becoming Standard

Microsoft uses them, the DVD market uses them. The floppy kind of DVD cases with holes in the middle are now flooding the game market as well.

With Xbox360 using them quite commonly now Nintendo goes green as well and buyers of Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Sind and Punishment 2 reported getting the eco friendly cases.

More images of the cases after the jump.

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portablegaming2799d ago

I hate those cases, when I buy a game for $60 Bucks I want the real deal!

franktheprank2799d ago

True! I bought Super Mario Galaxy 2 and there is a giant "black hole" in the package...

P1NKY2799d ago

I wonder what retard designed these cases? Surely it's easier to just cut the top and bottom of the case rather than cutting "fancy" holes around the disc. The main part of the case that protects the disc from scratching and they cut most of it out. Why not just get rid of the case all together?

FragMnTagM2798d ago

I was going to say the same thing. Why not cut out the front in to a few strips of plastic as well as the area around the disc, instead of the plastic behind the disc? Someone needs to be slapped somewhere.

portablegaming2799d ago

It's like. If nobody buys my download software and I still have to sell packagings then I need to save money... Not the right idea Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo!

IdleLeeSiuLung2799d ago

What they should have done is made the case with smaller holes all over internally. Right now as it is, the case is exposed at the most important part and the big holes expose the disc.

Multiple smaller holes would keep the case still intact while reducing plastic. Maybe it is more expensive....

BattleAxe2798d ago

These holes alloow the paper sleeve to get damaged, which totally pisses me off.

Darkstorn2798d ago

As long as the game disc plays, I've got no problem with 'eco-friendly' gamer cases.

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al-burrito2799d ago

nice one. i love to do something for mother nature....

ClownBelt2799d ago

A dvd discs that easily gets scratches. A case without artwork at the back. Now an incomplete box case...what's next?

dizzleK2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

the game coming in just a cardboard sleeve like a demo disc or pc shovelware.

these cases are shit. period. i'm not paying $60 for something my damn finger can practically poke through. aesthetics be damned, i'll go get dvd cases from the dollar shop. being "green" or eco friendly is just an excuse for cheap companies to short dick us by using substandard materials. if you want to use less plastic go back to ps1/dreamcast jewel cases.

franktheprank2799d ago

So true, the are wobbly feel like junk and seem like a complete rip-off...

pinkyxyz2799d ago

i agree my friend, jewel cases FTW!!!

Theonik2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

I agreed but i hated jewel cases so much. Every single one i have broke at the same spot. Those hard joints are so easy to break.

Quagmire2799d ago

Very soon, we will have to farm our own dvd cases...

Nihilism2799d ago

Nah man, digital downloads are like the future man...everyone has a 50mb fibre optic cable don't takes like 5 seconds to download a 50gig game right?


karl2799d ago

what a re u talking about?

no game on MS platform is more than 8gb..


AcesHigh2912799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

People don't seem to catch on to much sarcasm do they?

Bubble for making me laugh.

kasasensei2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

It is a good thing, we do not need all that useless plastic.

P1NKY2799d ago

We don't need the excess plastic at the top and bottom of the case. But the plastic behind the disc protects it from being scratched and adds rigidity to the case to stop the disc bending. This is a useless design. The Blu-Ray cases are more like they should be.

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