Rumor: New PSP already this year?

Will we see a PSP 4000 instead of a PSP2 this year? According to a japanese retailer Sony will release a new PSP facelift of their current model.

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al-burrito2940d ago

I want a PSP2!! Hope they bring it with 3D and touchscreen...

yoshy12122940d ago

So you want Sony to copy Nintendo yet again??

EXID2940d ago

what's wrong with that? sony will just make their tech better. so far they're one for one with the move.

yoshy12122940d ago

but no one is going to buy it, just the fanboys. Which i dont have a problem with, if i were a sony fanboy i would want one too. but to the consumers it will just seem as if they are ripping off nintendo and even if the tech is better it wont sell.. look at the ps3.

Noctis Aftermath2940d ago

PSP 4k and will release by december, announced at TGS with a price drop and will be announced after they reveal the PSP2(also at TGS).

Colonel-Killzone2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

DUDE STFU. Nintendo fanboys are saying that because Sony made a upgraded wii remote. And sony was doing motion controls and displayed it in 2001. So Obviously Sony been working on motion controls for a while. The only thing I could say is nintendo probably influenced sony to start doing motion controls again.

OH and while your at it

NarooN2939d ago

I can tell you're a Nintendo fanboy because your username is a horribly-misspelled homage to Yoshi, a Nintendo character. Kinda bad that you ride Nintendo's ballsack so hard and can't even spell their character's names right.

How would Sony even be copying Nintendo? Sony were the first to even have ideas of 3D gaming when it comes to consoles. Just because Nintendo comes out with a 3D handheld first doesn't mean Sony is copying off them.

And like Colonel said, Sony was experimenting with motion controls since the early 2000s, so the whole "ZomG Move is teh copyin Wii >_<" crap is null.

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Quagmire2940d ago

Ways I see it, much like the Wii-vs-Move plan, Nintendo will do it first, but sony will do it better later, once theyve witnessed the pros and cons of 3d/touchscreen etc

yoshy12122940d ago

why would they announce a PSP2 and a PSP 4k?

silvacrest2939d ago

who ever thought Sony would actually do this must be fools

tplarkin72940d ago

Anything Sony makes is first announced and given a loose, but official launch window. Then it's delayed by about 6 months. So, there's no way it's coming out this year.

silvacrest2939d ago

sounds like pure speculation and nothing more

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portablegaming2940d ago

It would be awesome! A PSPGo with UMD drive or a real new PSP 2.

franktheprank2940d ago

Tons of retailers are listing it, it must be true!

dangert122940d ago

Sony can't bring it out this year if its a big update to the 3000,there pushing 3d,ps3 & its games along with move how much money do they think us people have?

Newtype2940d ago

You're obviously selling out of your pocket.

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The story is too old to be commented.