Rumor: Japanese Retailer Pegs Nintendo 3DS And PSP-4000 For This Year

Geo deals with all kinds of media in Japan. DVD rentals, CDs, and, of course, video games are on their shelves. In a financial briefing, Geo outlined some of their key products like renting “Alice in Wonderland” on August 4.

In the games category, they listed Gran Turismo 5, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, and an unannounced PSP-4000. The Nintendo 3DS is on Geo’s expected product list too. According to the calendar, GeoNet will stock both products within this year.

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PoSTedUP2799d ago

psp 4000 nice cant wait to feel outdated again for the 5 time... i hope they add, ah who am i kidding...

ozstar2799d ago

America gets an ad campaign, Japan gets a revised PSP.

Well now you know why there isn't a PSP2, its cheaper.

SwilloTGL2798d ago

how legit this is.....??