(E3 Episode) Ironstar Podcast No. 19

Wip3ou7, Drewsdays, Kontraband, Dominator along with Andrew and Don from share their E3 experiences along with thoughts from Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony Key Notes. Also as a special treat their visit to Naughty Dog Stuidos.

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commander2913d ago

Ironstar has been doing it big. Shout out to the crew.

FanOfGaming2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

Yeah man thanks. E3 was great, we're honored to have great fans and the Naughty Dog team backing us.

Persistantthug2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

But I sooo love how you guys, like others, and like HIPHOPGAMER, you guys are the "upstart", "uncivilized" new guys that are crashing the "rich peoples" debutant ball.

I liken it to one of those movies where the "upstarts" drive up to the mansion in their hooptie's, park it on the lawn, go inside and everyone stares and is mad that you're there.
You guys don't leave, become the life of the party, take all of their good liquor, and leave with their best chicks by the time the party's over.

Keep up the good work.

Mucudadada2913d ago

Great podcast! Keep doin' what ya'll doin'!

AndrewE2913d ago

thanks for having us (ctrlaltkill) on!

DrewPays2913d ago

Glad to have you on brother