Modern Warfare 2 Tops Halo 3

The age of multiplatform hits continues to evolve - two of the five current platforms now have the same title - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, from Activision, as their top selling game.

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DanyBrown2945d ago

this was bound to happen sooner or later

Rainstorm812945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

Looks at the games thats reach high sales in this day and age ..............SMH

Halo 3 wasnt my favorite FPS or favorite Halo and i give that game much more credit than MW2. MW2 rode that wave that MW started unfortunatly it wasnt as good a game. So sorry COD fans good games arent plagued to death with glitches almost a year later

fatalred alarm2944d ago

Too bad such a glitchy unbalanced game can top a great game like halo 3,

I agree that halo 1 was better ( halo 1 is the game that got me an xbox and halo 3 my 360 ) and if you played halo, you know that almost all of the halo games came out with virtually no glitches,. and there was so much polishing.. incredible,

and ofcours the amazing community support by bungie.

peowpeow2944d ago

Does anyone else feel 'icky' since MW2 is on top of sales. I certainly do..though I do enjoy it, I wish a quality game would be on top

ClownBelt2945d ago

Multiplatform Vs. Exclusive. We saw this coming miles away...

SixZeroFour2945d ago

actually they were talking about 360's mw2 sales and halo 3's sales...mw2 has now beaten halo 3's lifetime sales by .02mil

if reach cant top that, then unfortunately (lol) mw2 is king of fps sales on xbox 360...i say reach only, cause i honestly think that halo reach is the only one, sales wise, that can battle against mw2 sales...but bfbc3 (as long as its as good or better than bfbc2), moh (from what ive seen) and reach (from what ive played and heard) are all better games than mw2...but to each his own

congrats for reaching that milestone IW/activision, i just wish you do better quality wise the next time around

evrfighter2945d ago

bc3 is many years away.

After MoH DICE will be focusing on battlefield 3 for the pc. DICE loves tinkering with new technology and with Dice and the pc. The skies the limit.

I've always had a a theory as to why DICE is doing MoH and Bad Company. My guess is EA probably wanted BF3 to go console but DICE probably told them they could give them successful franchises if they left vanilla Battlefield to the pc.

XactGamer2945d ago

Yeah but being multiplatform does push it more

SOAD2945d ago

The 360 sales of MW2 surpassed Halo 3. Being Multiplatform didn't have any influence on specific console sales.

XactGamer2945d ago

Being multiplatform creates more buzz causing more people to talk about it to friends or family. If it's hot on Xbox means it only caters to Xbox, but being hot on PS3, 360, and PC reaches a much larger audience. Plus all ads TV/Net/Mags showed mostly Xbox logo. You can also compare this to any game on the PS3 and PC and it outsold all games on all those platforms.

DarK-SilV2945d ago

no its the other way around ,being exclusive does push it more

electricshadow2945d ago

It will be interesting to see how much Black Ops sells when it comes out in November. I'll be renting it for the single player only. I'm sure MW2 left a bad taste with thousands of gamers (myself included). Treyarch is going to have to do something to get fans back. Bad Company 2 completely ruined the CoD franchise for me. And that's not a bad thing at all.

emil12945d ago

and now GT5 will outsell it

SOAD2945d ago

Godammit, now the despicable arguments are going to start again.

vhero2945d ago

Not if the PS3 exclusive rumours are true..

oldsnakemgs2945d ago


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