Does GameStop Promote Microsoft Over Sony?

For years, it seems as if Microsoft has a stranglehold on GameStop/EB; they give away tons of free stuff to employees, but Sony doesn't oblige. So, is there a GS bias towards MS?

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knight6262793d ago

like they say money talks and for sure M$ is making gamestop talk with big money

Rainstorm812793d ago

thats very true.....i mean for the longest time GS didnt even do midnight launches for PS3 exclusives.

Killzone 3 didnt get a midnight launch but Halo Wars did huh??

I dont think uncharted 2 even had a midnight launch.

Let alone if you go into a game stop (last year) you would only see ads for many 360 games......but i must admit that has changed in 2010 with GOW3

-Alpha2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

In regards to midnight launches, it depends on the popularity of the game. FreeFalling explains it better below.

I haven't personally invested much time in how these stores operate. But has it occurred that they promote the more popular product? The product that sells more? The Xbox sells great in North America, promoting or giving more attention to the more popular product is common sense. And let's face it, the most popular games in North America at least, are shooters like CoD4, MW2, Halo, etc. and they sell better on the Xbox. Why WOULDN'T anyone with common sense advertise what will sell?

And if MS is paying them, then that's smart of MS. I think Sony has been getting into it after the Slim rebranding. I remember seeing promotions for PS3 stuff like Uncharted 2.

Killzone 2 came right before Sony started to give a damn about good advertising. And the Killzone ads sucked too, Sony didn't even make them, and they explained nothing to new gamers. Unlike the good ads today that are not only informative but funny.

poopface12793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

it was a midnight launch with another game, but I cant remember what it was.

edit- I dont think Gs did many midnight launches until recently tho. Halo 2 and stuff had one, but it wasnt until recently that they started doing alot of midnight launches I think. Now they do midnight launches for alot of games as they are having them for more then one game at a time now.

like the u2 launch had another game there too, brutal legend I think. And Me2 and MAG had the same midnight launch too.

I only go to gs for midnight launches tho(wallmart has crap service) as I hate GS. They ask you if you want like 5 other things every time you buy stuff from them. They suck hard over there.

NastyLeftHook2793d ago

i hear you, i went to a gamestop and i was going to buy infamous and the dude told me, umm...its best if you wait till it comes out on pc with better graphics and it will be cheaper lol. what?

Rainstorm812793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

I cant count how many times ive called a gamestop about an exclusive game only to have them ask me, what system do you want it on?

Thats possibly the biggest problem with GS most employees dont know anything about gaming if it isnt madden, cod, gears or halo.

Gamestop is like the Michael Pacther of Gaming Retail......they sound like they know what they are talking about but for the most part they are wrong.....Wrong.....WRONG!

GS had midnight launches for awhile now. I got GOW1, GTASA, and Halo 2 all at midnight but then again, all those games i think may be within the same time frame.

To all the stealth disagreers....

Elimin82793d ago

I say so because every time I walk in there, there's always a sales rep trying to convince someone to buy a 360 over a PS3. Even now, besides the fact that PS3 is getting flooded with games you still hear that "PS3 hasn't got a strong library of games or they have none". One idiot tried to convince me. I say idiot because they go off to talk about the systems like they do know everything when they clearly don't.

Solidus187-SCMilk2793d ago

They never tried to tell me which is better, but they always try to peddle their useless extra crap that I dont want.

I also got Halo 2 at midnight launch(that might have been the first one they ever had, not sure). I think they only used to do them for big games, like SA and GOW that you mention. Now they seem more willing to do them for smaller games, as long as they can do a midnight launch for two games at once.

cliffbo2793d ago

it`s the same in the uk gamestation puts ps3 stuff at the back of the store and is not advertised at all.
also i was looking at the ps3 RDR when a employee rushed up to me and tried to get me to buy the 360 version. do they get extra pay for selling 360 stuff or what? seems a bit desperate to me.

ThanatosDMC2793d ago

Yep, i've dealt with a lot of 360 inclined employees and some are just as funny as some of the 360 die hards in N4G.

NecrumSlavery2793d ago

Killzone 2 had a midnight launch. I was there. Didn't get much sleep that night.

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The_Beast2793d ago

most of the people that work at gamestop hate ps3

-Alpha2793d ago

Do you know most of the people working at GameStop?

Neoicelord2793d ago

i can only wonder why one would hate the PS3... "PS3, it only sucks at everything?

The_Beast2791d ago

most of the gs i go to. the workers there always favor 360

FreeFalling2793d ago

Are determined by the quota each gamestop store reaches in pre-orders. Don't blame Gamestop, blame the fanbase.

Rainstorm812793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

so you are telling me Mod nation racers.....was pre ordered more than Killzone 2 or Uncharted 2? I doubt that.

I guess some quotas must be higher for some games than others

@ Alpha above

I was thinking that as well but on the other hand its a game store. Wouldnt it benefit the store to promote both? I think the PS3 has a few fans to make it profitable. I figured it came down to people at GS dont know dick about gaming. Just found out they didnt midnight launch SMG2 either. Im sure that had preorders to justify a midnight launch.

FreeFalling2793d ago

Gamestop does Midnight Launches if the resources are given to them, so blame Sony if the opportunity for a Midnight Launch itself isn't even there.

radphil2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )


At our store we had Midnights for ALL THREE of those games. So IS quota. It's determined by the amount of pre-orders IN THAT AREA, along with other things.

I mean shoot, GS always had a friggin Madden midnight release for crying out loud...

On a side note, I dunno why they don't say Sony gives away free stuff/discount it, because they have and still do. Hell even Nintendo has a few times where we get free stuff. If anything, the least amount we've seen it from, is from Nintendo.

The article itself all it does is serve for instigating, nothing more, nothing less.

Mizz_mai2793d ago

i think its true at game where i work a MS rep comes in every week toi make sure the 360 products are in the front of store..obviously they pay us for it..even our training video is sponsored by microsoft we even have to practice setting up a 360 on

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Quagmire2793d ago

Flamebait article, much?

hardcorez2793d ago

Those never get approved on this site!

Newtype2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

Check out the God of War III launch, E3 2010, and their RLS site. This guy from Game Stop doesn't know how to get free stuff from sony, because I have. Sony has quarterly contests for prizes from their website and gaming meet ups for game launches. The God of War III launch, they gave out free stuff, food, and let you SIT in comfy chairs.

Opposed to the FF XIII launch Square Enix treats their fans like crap. I had to wait out in the RAIN and when they let us in, they made us STAND and there was NO food there. Also, I was granted an access pass to the FF XIII launch thanks to Sony giving me the ticket. They have treated me well.

nefertis2793d ago

I hate gamestop, amazon is the way too go.