Rugby League Live for PS3/Xbox 360 announced

Home Entertainment Suppliers Pty Ltd and Gamewizz Digital Entertainment have just announced that Rugby League Live will release in late August this year for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms.

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Evil_Ghosty2854d ago

While this is good news, I wish EA had the rights to the NRL franchise.
All I see coming is an upscaled port of the Wii Version...Which was again, ported from the PS2.

Hopefully this is going to be good.

HBK6192854d ago

NRL and conversely AFL just aren't big enough money makers to be taken on by a company like EA. They make VERY little profit, if any and it's why even a fairly big sport like Cricket was dropped from EA (despite persistent rumours of them being in development of a title for years now we've had no info for more than 3 years).

Probably the one thing though that RL has in it's favour is that it's not one of the most complicated sports in the world, so a competent developer should be able to make something from this.

That being said Big Ant have made some horrible titles and on top of this RL game are also doing the upcoming AFL game. So they have the future of Australian Sports titles in their hands!