E3 impressions: Razer Onza Xbox 360 controller

One of the most intriguing thing Razer was showing at E3 2010 was their upcoming Xbox 360 controller, the Onza.

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Cevapi882819d ago

nice i like the placing of the start and back buttons....pretty sleak if you ask me :)

DelbertGrady2819d ago

Nice to see there's a cord version. I prefer not having to bother with re-charging and they weigh less. If it doesn't cost a fortune I'll be getting one of these. Love the pattern on the side of it, and the quality will probably be top notch.

primesuspect2819d ago

I agree. The cord doesn't bother me, and it's annoying having to deal with charging issues. Imagine how much more a wireless version would cost.

The cool thing about Razer is that they bring up a point people don't like to talk about: No matter which way you cut it, there IS lag with wireless controllers. Any serious tournament player will not use wireless.