Bungies New IP Will Hit PS4 And The Next Xbox, Incredible

1. Bungie And Ubisoft On The HipHopGamerShow
2. New Kinect Footage To Check Out
3. Sony And Microsoft Dashboard Updates
4. HipHopRss – 9th Wonder Guest Stars
And More

Today’s HipHopGamerShow features much more footage from E3 with some detailed interviews with a few reveals and surprises from Bungie and Ubisoft. Check out the show, enjoy it and GOD BLESS.

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deadreckoning6662795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

I was waiting for this since I woke up lol. Hiphop, you came through man =)

"pffffffffffff.... rtard HHG again..
Massive /facepalm.."

Yet u comment on his article. If you have a negative opinion on Hiphop and want to comment, then by all so. However, ur comment isn't logical, nor does it have any reasoning behind it. I'm afraid ur trolling. Your self-esteem must be pretty low for you to come here and call someone names when the person in question is more successful in the gaming industry than 99.9% of the people who comment on this site.

Nitrowolf22795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

dude i forgot all about HHG show today, no wounder why it felt like a normal news day, almost made it to just 30min till its monday

Sanzee2795d ago

Anyone who takes HHG seriously at this point is a retard. He's a disgrace to Sony and their fanbase. He makes PlayStation owners look like idiots and that's what pisses me off.

Persistantthug2795d ago

I'll be glad to see your stuff....

I can't wait.


lh_swe2795d ago

He post nothing but sensationalist headlines with no evidence but his supposed "sources" of which I am supposed to take his word for? Why? Why should I beleive him? Has he done anything to prove he's a worthy voice? No! He has done nothing but cater to his own success and in a way I can't really fault him for it as I am feeding it myself by commenting on this vidicle.

But what I can't stand is his arrogance about his own standing as he has only gotten soo much success from cheap tactics, prove me wrong but I cannot respect this mans "contribution" to the gaming community.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32795d ago

Where the hell did he get the Carmine helmet? I want!!!

EvilBlackCat2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

"Anyone who takes HHG seriously at this point is a retard. He's a disgrace to Sony and their fanbase. He makes PlayStation owners look like idiots and that's what pisses me off"

NOT only make ps3 loyalists look idiots but also confirm how idiots and stupid they are!

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Mista T2795d ago

HHG posted on Monday 0_o

but typically, expect comment numbers to range from 150 to 250 because of the title.

sid4gamerfreak2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

Announcement to everyone on n4g: Report this article if your a contributor at once and make this fail. We are sick and tired of your meaningless "vidicles" HHG. Also, like one contributor said, the video does not cover some of the things the text claims it does.

I dont hate HHG but I hate meaningless vidicles. Its our responsibility as contributors to make n4g a clean, fun gaming website. All those reliable non biased gaming sites are sitting there waiting to be approved. I will do my part. Will you?

EDIT: @hiphopgamer: I dont hate u or anything but you need to stop calling up ur "hommies" and making them approve before even all the n4g contributors can. Like ryhanon said and he puts in a great way, "Lets see if the community does like you"

egm_hiphopgamer2795d ago

1. how is this flamebait?
2. did you watch the whole show it's over a hour long so how can you comment so fast without even watching the full show

3. you guys ignorance makes me look so good in this industry thank you so much oh yeah i'll see you guys on the bonus round ha ha keep the hate coming

ryhanon2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )



To your point - the video is over an hour long, so I ask you: How did it get *APPROVED* so fast?

Care to answer that one?

Also, to Sid's point... Contributors, you can still kill this, here is the URL to do so:

NewNameNow2795d ago

We don't need to watch the whole show, it's another one of your sensationalist titled videos that serves no purpose, you make shit up in, and drag on for an hour with "AYE YO MAN DIS YA BOI" every 5 seconds.

shoddy2795d ago

Plus he got connection in the industry.
He knows more inside news than any average Internet junky.

He's not always right but it does make sense.
It's hard to predict the future guys.
I like your show hiphop brother.

002795d ago

HHG playing the victim.

XactGamer2795d ago

Hey look! it's HipHop... blah never mind I have more important honest things to do like clean the kitty litter box.

bioshock12212795d ago

@Hiphopgamer you do realize no one in the industry takes you seriously. Everyone thinks your website is a joke. Just because you get invited to these gaming events doesn't mean people take you seriously. I don't think that is something to be proud of.

The least you could do is try to make your content better but you never do that is my problem with your website. All you do is just pull guesses out of your ass that never come true and make flamebait material. Being proud of your reputation that you have right now is just sad.

DarkSpawnClone2795d ago

man you guys need to leave hip hop gamer alone , hes out there doing his thing, doing what he loves if you don't like it, don't watch it! he doesn't make you watch it lol,Keep doing your thing hip hop gamer! for get the haters!

Biggest2795d ago

I personally don't care about all the hate here. I hate a lot of you just because I have nothing better to do right now. But this is backwards.

"@Hiphopgamer you do realize no one in the industry takes you seriously. Everyone thinks your website is a joke. Just because you get invited to these gaming events doesn't mean people take you seriously. I don't think that is something to be proud of."

He is a joke because of what? The developers that he talks to seem to take him seriously. The event planners that allow him to the events take him seriously. The people that frequent his site and comment here take him seriously. It doesn't work the way you're saying it does. When you are considered a joke and unimportant (which a joke is) you are NOT allowed to certain events. You don't get interviews with important industry heads and teams. And you certainly don't get the amount of attention he gets here. Hate all you want on the dude. But sleep better at night knowing that the joke you think he is would be better illustrated by you.

whothedog2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

You pretty much said everything I was going to say but I will write what I was going to say anyways.


Really no one takes him seriously? Did you do some interviews with Bungie or Jaffe saying he is a joke? Do you have any sources saying that or you just saying that because you don't like him?

I understand a lot of people don't like him, which is fine, but HE DOES have interviews with people like Bungie and Jaffe and they are usually good/interesting. But you would never mention that because you just want to put him down. I bet anyone that made comments here could not even get on the phone with either Jaffe or someone from Bungie.

Sure he gives out information that is wrong sometimes, but he usually throws it out there as rumors, and yes I know he even confirmed a couple things before and he was wrong, but $hit happens, things change, maybe he was misinformed, he usually admits when he is wrong. He has also been right a few times too, but no one will mention that or just say any idiot could do that.

What mainly I'm getting at is the haters can't give credit where due, so it just makes you look jealous and like you don't know what you're talking about.

I like HHG, I understand he is not always right, I know this, I just think it is nice to hear someones opinion who is in the industry. And you can say he is not in the industry because I know someone will but like I said, I know I could never get an interview with some of the people he has interviewed.

Also what I do, I listen to what he says, and than I do something crazy... I think about it, I think if it is something that really could happen and than I decide whether or not to take it seriously.

evrfighter2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

thx for the link rhyanon.

Lets see if this new N4G works as intended.

and no

Nobody will ever take someone that carries around a rasslin belt seriously.

dkblackhawk502795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

I think I broke the record of reports combined :D and back to topic...Talking about consoles that do not even exist!...fake beyond belief, just looking for hits.

BloodyCHAMP2795d ago

the day I listned to the podcast of him saying the stupidest shit about HALO REACH i figured this guy is a fraud....he was complaining about how u cant shoot while holding the odd ball and making all this shit up it was jokes and the other guys on the podcast booked his a**. Also hes a straight up ps3 fanboy and he knows it!....he makes everything sound like omg....his video titles are better then his actual footage.

InfectedDK2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

Wow you guys really are stupid..
Hatin' on him here just makes his videos even more popular..
Anyway I don't get why people are so jealous at him.. Don't you have better things to do in your life than hatin' on other people you can't match? Lol.. He's da maaaaaan! I mean, sometimes I watch some of his shows, sometimes I don't.. I don't care, I can do what I want just like he can.. No one is forcing you to like his videos, move on, seriously O_o You really make me laugh, most of you sounds like little fat 13 yo kids who can't get your voice trough anywere else than here.. Ofcourse he likes the PS3, only people who doesn't have one and is hatin' themselves for it hates on him for loving the PS3..

AntBoogy902794d ago

Haters gonna hate, HipHopGamer.

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dangert122795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

he went to the toe shop for us he has earned our respect,but uno what they say

end of the day you haters are sad people click his articals saying the same sh*t,,,oh dam good tittle got me there,flame bait, etc i can't stand this guy but at the time your giving him more time then your passion,

hhg got heart dispite what said he always finish of with 1 love n good bless

Nike2795d ago

Really? Because his comment at the top sounds no different from a used car seller who just scammed charity.

ThaTruthMVP2795d ago Show
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Nitrowolf22795d ago

that title
i don't have time to watch right now so someone explain what he means by that
like graphicly (you know like how GT5 dev said the graphics are good enough for PS4)
or literally their next (does he mean next?) New IP will be on those console.
My question is why then?
You know why make it for the next console using old tech, by the time they release graphics will improve so much more and there will be so much more contents to be added

Seferoth752795d ago

Even when new consoles come out they will already be outdated by the tech coming out for PC. Cell was 3 years old before the PS3 even released. NO reason they cant be getting ready for the next gen especially if they have some inside information as to what those specs might be.

FlatulentGhost2795d ago

The PS3's Broadband Engine utterly annihilates everything of any price in desktop/x86 land.


That is why Intel tried to rush their poorly engineered Cell type architecture(Larrabee) into production. And it is why their is such a push to offload as much computation off the wimpy x86 chips in PCs to GPUs.

It is going to be a long time before any desktop PC can touch the PS3 in raw power for animation, lighting, physics, etc.

sid4gamerfreak2795d ago

@FlatulentGhost: A Core 2 Duo E8400 mops the floor with the processors in the consoles. Those things are in-order chips with a lot less cache, and the Core 2 has a far more advanced architecture.

The PC annihilates consoles in every aspect.

raztad2795d ago

I TOTALLY doubt any existing Core Duo can be remotely close to The Cell in raw power.

SOAD2795d ago

FltulentGhost needs to learn the difference between theoretical peak performance and actual performance. He's probably been drooling over the peak performance specs of the CELL the same way I was drooling over the 360 Xenos GPU theoretical performance specs.

Fact is, the bottleneck issues that both consoles place on their respective processors makes them very inferior to PC CPUs.

@raztad. The CELL was outdated the day the PS3 launched. It's a verifiable fact that I'm not going to link you to because I know you have your own internet connection.

I notice you often place the burden of proof on other people but never provide evidence for your claims.

The 360 and PS3 are outdated in comparison to modest budget gaming PCs. But the whole point of having talented developers like Naughty Dog and iD and Guerrilla Games is to see how they use the power of these weak machines. If you let these guys work on PCs, the amount of freedom they will receive in terms of raw power will make them lazy. They will be like Crytek with Crysis.

Persistantthug2795d ago

and graphics render BETTER than the CELL PROCESSOR....Period.

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ryhanon2795d ago

...just how quickly hiphopgamer's ridiculous videos get approved. I imagine he calls up all his friends and says, "Yo, I'm about to post my vidicle on N4G, get over there and approve it before anyone with taste and class has a chance to reject it."

Actual, meaningful, *RELIABLE* news will sit in the submissions, pending for hours at a time while this crap is approved literally within 2 minutes of being submitted.

Hey hiphop, if you're so secure that you actually produce meaningful things that people want to see, how about next time you don't tell all your friends when you post to N4G so they can rush over to approve it for you? Why not let it go through the normal approval process everyone else submits to? Let's see if the community really *does* like you.


MRHARDON2795d ago

Sad, I never listened to HHGS and never will I thought this was a real artical but I didnt see the Hip gay gamer till I pressed it, he just comes out with information out of his *ss, no dev even likes him.

ryhanon2795d ago

At the end HHG, I really loved your rant about how Puffy is an "opportunist" and is "not true to hip hop", that he's "ruining hip hop" and people need to step up and "regulate hip hop" and "defend" its integrity, etc etc...

What do you think *you* are? You're an opportunist, with your sensationalist headlines, your misleading text, your ridiculous videos, calling all your friends to approve your videos before others can reject them - you know, the ones that are trying to do for gaming what you're hoping people step up and do for hip hop. We're the people defending gaming news and journalism from people like you, the Puffy of gaming.

DelbertGrady2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

Puffy might be considered an opportunist now, but back in the day he produced and financed some of Notorious BIG's most classic beats. That's more than enough to earn my respect.

Hiphopgamer on the other hand can't even come up with his own rants. He just repeated the words of 50 Cent.

emil12795d ago

well HHG did said long time ago that microsoft has a game in works that will be competition to god of war 3. and on microsoft's conference was shown kingdoms. so he got right one thing

ryhanon2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

Uhm... Ok first off, any idiot could say "Microsoft has a game in the works that will be competition for <insert popular Sony exclusive here>" and be right 95% of the time. This does not make him a reliable source of information.

Furthermore, how exactly is Kingdoms in any way competition for God of War 3? They're not even in the same *genre*. By the time Kingdoms comes out, God of War 3 will have been out already for over a year.

theEnemy2795d ago

Since when did Microsoft thinks that Codename:Kingdoms will be a competitor to God of War III ? source ?

And what have we got so far ? It's just a freaking trailer of guys(real life humans) dressed like gladiators or something.

hoops2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

HHG and Patcher......
The Sarah Palins of the video game world

bomboclaat_gamer2795d ago


sarah palin is very hot
they arent

kingjoker342795d ago

wooaaaahhhhhh hold on.
Which sarah palin are the one ur talking bout bomboclatt? cause the one who i think ur talking about is far far away from hot.
far far away.

bomboclaat_gamer2795d ago

bunch of idiots
u take the internet too seriously
stop hating the guy, the more gaming news the better


hoops2795d ago

I think you missed the point brain child. I am not talking about looks....
You related to Sarah Palin?

skip2mylou2795d ago

sarah palin is ugly. now the porn star who looks like her is hot and that would b lisa ann

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LeonSKennedy4Life2795d ago

Do you guys always listen to what John Stewart tells you?


SOAD2795d ago

I like Stewart. He's a comedian. And more importantly, he points that out on his show and advises his audience to not use him as their only source of information.