Gears of War 2 Tick, Tick, Boom Event Announced

You came close during the E3 six times XP event but didnt quite get it. Now there is an even better chance that you will reach rank 100, along with some changes to Horde running July 1 through July 6.

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Kamikaze82822d ago

Oh. Leveled from 68 to 74 last time, hoping that Ill reach 80 this time through. Glad they keep doing this though, keeps the community playing. Need to reach rank 100 before Gears 3!

hardcorez2822d ago

Awesome! Glad to see events still happening for the game!

Blaze9292822d ago

Reached lvl 50 and never bothered to go back. Maybe I will - likely won't but whatever.

seinfan2822d ago

I gave up on this game about 9 months ago. The MP was so horrible. I bought it to play with friends, and most of them got fed up with it as well. And, of course, its solo mode isn't exactly something to be playing over and over again.

Kamikaze82822d ago

Go back and give it another try, they have fixed it for the most part. The most fun its been in awhile.

LeonSKennedy4Life2822d ago


I'm so excited for Gears 3's multi-player!

HarryM2822d ago

I wasn't really able to take advantage of the recent one, so this is defiantly going to make me play it again.

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