Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit details

Check out a few details about Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.

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Valay2944d ago

Seems like this game is really worth paying attention to. It's received some nice feedback from E3.

Sunny_D2944d ago

Cloaking device

I don't remember these from the old NFS? Oh man, they better not fuck it up.

Quagmire2944d ago

Dont forget guns and other various weaapons inspired by COD

Rainstorm812944d ago

I was thinking the same thing.....What is any new game without perks??

just a sign of the times i guess

DelbertGrady2943d ago

Criterion doesn't do failure. It will be good, bet on it.

Rainstorm812943d ago

Ive been supporting Criterion for some time and they have yet to disappoint. From the Original Burnout to Black and now NFS im sure they will do a good job. EA was smart by getting them

But i does seen like every game has perks now.....

nix2943d ago

i hope they bring back the magic NFS series once had. Most Wanted 2 was one of my fav... probably the last one i ever bothered to play. Carbon was sh!t.

Redempteur2943d ago

there is no most wanted 2 ..i guess you meant either most wantedor hot pursuit ...

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TrevorPhillips2944d ago

It'll be the best need for speed out there for this generation.

NFS Hot Pursuit was my favorite of all time :)

NastyLeftHook2944d ago

the real driving simulator. lol jk

Sunny_D2944d ago

Oh wow, that cracked me up actually. Thanks I needed that.

Quagmire2944d ago

since when was Need For Speed a driving simulator, besides shift which was only quasi-sim

electricshadow2943d ago

Already pre-ordered this at EB Games and paid it in full. If I can only get a couple more games this year, this is totally one I want. This game is looking better and better. Hot Pursuit 2 was my favourite racing game of all time. Criterion is doing this, so I know it'll be so much fun.

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