Media Create software sales (6/14 - 6/20) - Top 50

Media Create has released an expanded listing of the latest best-selling games from Japan. Exact data for games in the top 10 have been revealed.

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Valay2701d ago

Xenoblade had a huge drop-off, but I guess I should be happy it's over 100K.

Noctis Aftermath2701d ago

100k for a semi-hyped and well recieved RPG in japan and your happy?

I wonder what the initial shipment was.

Mahr2701d ago

Initial shipment was 75-80K.

imoutofthecontest2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

Re: "100k for a semi-hyped and well recieved RPG in japan and your happy? "

Clearing 100k is a big deal. People don't realize it, but that's a pretty big sales haul, especially in a country with less population than the states.

100k in the US is even very good, and moreso in Japan, but it's hard to understand that when the MEGAgiants like Final Fantasy, God of War, Call of Duty, and Metal Gear crush that. Those games are exceptions, not the bar.

Mista T2701d ago

I'm surprised Mario Galaxy 2 is #1, Mario Brothers wii came out not too long ago

Aphe2701d ago

Mario Galaxy is a totally different game Mista T, and one of the highest rated this gen, it's bound to get to number 1.

FreeFalling2701d ago

Nintendo still owns Japan.

Titanz2701d ago

Xenoblade is a game I'm definitely looking forward to.