Go! Gaming Giant: Art Style: Rotozoa and Tales of Bearsworth Manor series reviews

From the review:

"When thinking about JRPG’s, Square Enix is usually the first company that comes to mind. Their success with series such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Kingdom Hearts has practically made them a household name. It is understandable that many people automatically assume that a Square Enix RPG will be a great game, but what about other games? When this world-renowned company develops something out of their comfort zone, can it stand up against their immensely successful back catalog? More specifically, how will this game fare?"

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RaymondM2826d ago

Hmmmm im disappointed in the wii weekly stuff this time around. Nothing seems to interesting to be honest. and all so mediocre with scores...not a good thing.

omicron0092826d ago

nothing this week at really draws my attention