Swinnich says: "Microsoft has been hyping their solution to the Nintendo’s runaway success since E3 2009, but it seems to have lost some of what made it look appealing in the year between then and E3 2010. If the house that Gates built is comfortable with putting out an Eye Toy 2.0, then all the more power to them, but that will ultimately leave consumers disappointed."

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HolyOrangeCows2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

"Those “experiences” also had it together upon their reveal. Their “scope” was fully-realized and promises delivered upon"

And I think was a poor decision of MS to not have ANYTHING for its current userbase with Kinect (I'm sure I'm not the only one who has doubts about MS being able to get Halo/COD/Madden players to dance, exercise, or play NintenTigers). Sony will have a lot of its current userbase to buy games like SOCOM, LOTR, etc plus who it expands with. Microsoft for the most part will mostly just have who it expands with.

evrfighter2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

like the article name actually. nicely done.

Me I'm definitely buying something motion control. As of this moment its the wii for zelda and DK unless Sony and M$ fix the lag.

Nathaniel_Drake2944d ago

What lag for Sony, those were the games not Sony. The developers have to fix that. Sorcery proves that.

Bigpappy2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

It was not major, but there was lag. Go look again.

On topic. MS will be showing more at erope and japan's shows before release. This article is based mostly on speculation and rumors. M$, and at least one developer, said people can sit and use Kinect depending on the game. They also said that they can do more than 2 players.

HighTreason2944d ago

Microsoft 'says' a lot of things Bigpappy, not all of it always actually ends up being true.

Rainstorm812944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

i guess it depends on what dev, because other devs said ms approached them saying they want the games designed for people to get off the couch. they said get off the couch at least 4 times in thier presser,

anything saying you can use it sitting is damage control after the E3 fallout.

Biggest2944d ago

Hey, Bigpappy. Remember the ol' battle cry from May 2010? "Just wait for E3!" they used to say. How long do you suggest people wait for any indication of serious games and functionality for Kinect? Microsoft doesn't really go out of their way for the Japanese show. So you may be wrong about that one.

IHateYouFanboys2944d ago


wanting games to be designed to be played while standing is COMPLETELY different to Kinect not being able to be used unless standing.

Kinect is aiming to get people moving around, hence wanting devs to make people do that - move around. in the hurdle game they showed, how do you suggest someone runs on the spot and then jumps the hurdles when theyre sitting down? they cant. but for games/things that just require your arms, like menu navigation etc, sitting down is fine.

and again, many microsoft employees have confirmed time and time again that you can use it while sitting down - so any sony fanboy saying otherwise is doing 'damage control'.

Rainstorm812944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

i provided you with links, do you mind doing the same because the guys over at kotaku spoke with quite a few devs including Turn 10 who said you cant sit.

"I liked telling the Xbox 360 to pause a movie. I liked extending my hand and dragging the movie's progress bar left or right, as if I was using the Star Wars Force to fast forward and rewind. But, I asked the Microsoft people running the demo, could I drag a chair over and try this sitting down?


"Sitting is something we're still calibrating for," one of them told me."

As a Gamer who owns a PS3 and 360 i have no need for damage control......As a consumer i have every reason to question if a product is worth my purchase.

IHateYouFanboys2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

Aaron Greenburg: "Yes you can sit or stand with Kinect, depends on the game or experience."

read what i said. i said that obviously a game that you have to play standing up - like bowling/tennis/running etc - would require you to stand. thats obvious. you cant play a game that requires the PSEye without a PSEye, can you? no. so why could you play a game that requires you to stand up without actually standing up?

but for things that DONT require you to stand up, you can sit down and use Kinect. give me 1 reason why Kinect would need you to stand up to navigate a menu using only your voice and hands? please, tell me why you would need to stand up for that. you dont need a PSEye to play a game that doesnt use the PSEeye, so why would you need to stand up to play a game that doesnt require you to stand up?

also, theres this video:


where he specifically says that it works while sitting down.

if thats not enough, theres this video:

that shows people sitting down on lounges using Kinect to make video calls and control menus.

finally, heres Microsoft coming out in direct response to people like you saying you cant use Kinect while sitting down:

"In response to that article, Microsoft representatives reached out to IGN to clarify, saying we definitely will be able to sit while using Kinect. Representatives said they want to provide a comfortable, enjoyable experience for users and understand that people don't want to watch a movie standing up. "

that enough for you? or do you still want to take some random sites and fanboys rumours as the truth?

Rainstorm812944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

MS could tell you if you eat lead you will shyt gold will you believe it? i mean they are trying to sell a product here.

kotaku & ign & gametrailers are fanboy sites? i never knew..

But do you honestly expect MS themselves to come out and say oh yea and you cant sit, i didnt respond to your examples because of course you need to stand to play Kinect adventures, but to rewind and fast forward movies???

Your links prove MY point, in the first video he never said u can sit and didnt sit while doing any of the demonstrations yet he was not playing a game at all.....Yes MS said you can use VOICE on Kinect while sitting but as for motion "Sitting is something we're still calibrating for," In the video with the video chat not one person used kinect's motion control.

and in your own ign AU link..

"That's good to hear, but since we've only been able to use Kinect standing up so far it looks like Microsoft is still working on making it usable in the sitting position."

Fact of the matter is anyone with hands on experience has said you cant sit and yes you may be able to by the time it launches but as of right now. it remains to be seen.

So unless you can pull a video out of thin air showing someone playing forza while sitting........ im inclined to believe it when i see it. Kinect is cool for what it does well, as a game control device, unless casual party or work out games are your style so far Kinect leaves much to be desired for, from a core gamers perspective.

You hate fanboys yet you got a huge sample of MS Kool Aid over there.

IHateYouFanboys2943d ago



basically you just choose to disregard every OFFICIAL confirmation that you can use Kinect while sitting down, purely because you think that Microsft will blatantly lie about a product that in 5 months time we'll all have our hands on? epic lolz.

you wanted links, i showed you links. i showed you one video confirmation by a MS employee saying you can sit down. i showed you one text confirmation by MS that you can sit down while using kinect. i even showed you a VIDEO of people using Kinect WHILE SITTING DOWN!!!

yet you STILL say that you cant use kinect while sitting down?!?!

and yes, in the first video he clearly says 'and you can do all this while sitting down too'. in the video with the people on the couch one of them CLEARLY moves their arm up to control the menus, bringing up a news video while theyre in the chat.

deny all you want, youre the one whos making yourself look like an idiot and a fanboy.

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ryhanon2944d ago

Yeah, I think you're right.

However, MS may benefit from existing users that pick up Kinect, not for themselves, but for somebody else - girlfriends, younger siblings, children, etc... Speaking from personal experience, my ex-girlfriend never got into the 360 or PS3 but always really wanted me to pick up a Wii. Were we still seeing one another, I'd consider Kinect or Move (probably Move, given the marginally more "hardcore" leaning titles) before I'd consider the Wii.

HighTreason2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

Exactly, Move will sell to both hardcore and casuals. Might even sell more to the hardcore I think

Mista T2944d ago

Kinect has yet to be released so I'll make my assumption then I guess. but I really don't see games I'm interested in.

Edit: did someone really report Ron for trolling? man what a funny guy, I've read several articles today and I was surprised to see him, but he got marked for trolling two or three times. I don't know what that means, a really long suspension or (gasp) a ban. oh well, he really made me laugh today. we need more guys like him on this site. but if that was his last comment R.I.P man

Parapraxis2944d ago

I don't think the mods ban people for trolling, but if you are "offensive" like I was towards religion, you can very well end up with a 2 day ban.

Mista T2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

it's ridiculous man, seeing all these people getting marked for trolling or being offensive or getting marked for spam even though it wasn't.

it's the internet, freedom of speech should rule. who cares if you disagree with someone, it's not like if you disagree with someone in real life you can mark them for trolling or being offensive and delete them.

JoelR2944d ago

true but you could punch them in the face.... which tends to breed a certain level of respect.
Also Forums are not public spaces and thus are exempt from "freedom of speech" rights

LeonSKennedy4Life2944d ago

Microsoft will release a motion controller soon after.

They'll have to.

gamingisnotacrime2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

Gears, Halo, ME, Fable, great games. So far for kinect i dont see something in the line of the games i like hence why i have zero interest in getting it. At least with move i see HR, Soccom 4, LBP 2, KZ3 and those are huge games acros different genres. lets wait and see

LeonSKennedy4Life2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )


If Lionhead shows Black & White 3 with Kinect support though...

I'm in.

As it stands, 360 gamers will have to live with good titles without motion controls.

Edit: Pardon me...but did I say something wrong? I'm trying to be a gamer here. :(

evrfighter2944d ago

I don't like agreeing with Leon but even with lag I'll have to buy Kinect if Lionhead announces Black & White 3 w/Kinect support.

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