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Kevin Roberson writes: "The phrase “wagging the dog” ceases to be adequate here. While Splinter Cell may have originally been based on Tom Clancy novels, the novels are now produced to match game quotas, even though the games are trying to make themselves more like books with walls of flying text everywhere. It’s sort of like a gyroscope constructed entirely of interconnected dog tails with a live Chihuahua at the center."

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playstation_clan2917d ago

i forgot about this game. Doesnt matter now but ok review, i played it on my PC. It was good but felt something was missing. i would say 4/5 is good

Inside_out2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago ) about a late review...this game was amazing!!! It has some of the best and entertaining game play this gen. Could go on and on but check out this vid instead. The DEMO, which is what this walk through is, is up on XBL still. If you haven't checked it out, download it. There are two demonstration videos ubisoft released, one is stealth, this one is the assault version. It's up to you how you play the game...this game is not 2/ like 9.5/10. Check it out...

BTW...SPOILERS~~~SPOILERS~~~Ho w can you say the story wasn't good??? One of the best plot twists ever...Sams Daughter is ALIVE, everybody new about it in the company except Sam...Sams former Boss is corrupt ( of course )...The last scene with Victor coste ( who narrates the whole game in the past tense ) was the best..." like a brother " the second half of the game you fight harder enemies, including other splinter cells...Multi-player, co-op...great's all there...2/5 is an insult if you ask me.

Turbowombat2916d ago

A game has to stand on its own yo. Sam's daughter being alive isn't a "plot twist", its the first thing you learn and is therefore is just the "plot." Interestingly if no one had ever come to kill Sam he would have never gotten involved and the bad guys would have won, that's just sloppy writing.

2/5 is an insult. you know what else is an insult? being charged $60 for 2.5 hours of subpar entertainment.

dizzleK2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

my only complaints are that the story wasn't that great, the "flashback" level was incredibly ill advised and the third echelon agents should have used sam's own tricks against him, i thought they were supposed to be the best. how intense would that be with other agents shooting out the lights and whatnot?

other than those issues i thought this was the best splinter cell by far. i own all the others but the action always felt too stiff for my taste. i like that the character is genuinely progressing and the gameplay elements they added are a ton of fun. i'd give it at least an 8, 8.5.

HolyOrangeCows2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

An 8 seems pretty generous with that game's AI.

DelbertGrady2916d ago

2/5? Really? Same as they gave Alpha Protocol. To each his own I guess.

deadreckoning6662916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Agreed. Opinions r opinions. A little off-topic, but didn't many sources claim that Conviction would make the jump to the PS3?

Sunny_D2916d ago

It has to be at least half a year or a year until they announce it. ;)

SilverSlug2916d ago

had more depth than this game. Not that it worked amazingly, but man.. if they did it right.. .... if only.

You should still play it if you have the chance.

theEnemy2916d ago

Execute feature is pretty imbalance.
AI are pretty dumb.
Most of the time you'll be playing in Black and White.
Every enemy can be killed in one shot by a pistol.

+Coop is pretty nice.

6/10 for me.

The Lazy One2916d ago

All humans can be killed in one shot by a pistol... I don't get that point.

RXL2916d ago

this made me lol

your not thinking like a gamer man!

Downtown boogey2916d ago

Headshots should aways kill instantly -without helmets at close range at least- but with the Mark & Execute, it was a little too easy.

ico922916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

agreed co-op mode is the best way to play this game, but one issue i had with this game was with the darkness meter ,they removed the standard meter from previous games and replaced it with some black and white screen to indicate wether your in the dark, it was annoying

scofios2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

It would be foolish of them to release it a year later , with all the games that are coming  ,
It did't sell that well on the xbox even as an exclusief , so i don't think it would do that great on the ps3 either and certainly not after a year .
Don't get me wrong I'm not bashing the game , i'm a big splinter cell fan myself.

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