WARNING: 3D Video Hazardous to Your Health

The truth is that prolonged viewing of 3D video may be even more harmful than the consumer electronics industry wants you to know.

Nintendo unveils 3DS and quickly follows-up with a statement about dangers to children under 7 playing with the company’s new portable gamer.

Samsung releases a line of 3D HDTVs then issues a warning about its potential health risk to certain viewers.

What they haven’t told you is that these warnings come after years of industry spin and cover ups.

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Blaze9292761d ago

I been actually wondering about this for the longest. Finally nice to see an article about it. Been wondering what health risks this 3D 'fad' would have on your eyes/mind because in reality, all it's doing is playing tricks on your eyes.

With TV and gaming, these things are used for extended periods. No way that can be healthy.

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ForeAllEternity2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

I have similar concerns about 3D viewing. After all, everyone has only 1 pair of eyes. Still wondering how long is "prolonged viewing" though. Unless there are a built-in timers with 3D function, people will probably go over the safety limit without even realizing it.

kissmeimgreek2761d ago

id assume its different for everyone.

Jeez I get headaches from watching 3d movies, no way im gonna play 3D games (way to much going on at one time!) I just hope that parents monitor there kids and make sure they aren't having 3d all night gaming sessions.

Hideo_Kojima2761d ago

Oh flip I never realized that your eyes will get used to seeing 3D without focusing...

Aslo VR glasses = Very Very underrated...

The issues that Sega came across could now be solved. There are certain glasses that have a tiny camera that tracks your vision and how your eyes move...

You could therefore make the images blur as the the eyes move and you would be forced to focus when the camera detected your eyes both lining up to target the virtual object only than would they focus thus forcing your eyes to carry on trying to focus instead of being lazy.

pixelsword2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

Unless you are under seven or plan on someone under seven to play, this doesn't matter to you.

Darkfocus2761d ago

you should really read the article because that's not what it's saying at all

Kurylo3d2761d ago

pixelsword... u do have eyes after 7 right?.... right??? u get the award for dumbest comment of the week. Which is not easy to do.. since half the comments on n4g are usually pretty dumb.

Shadowstar2761d ago

Well, staring at your television or computer screen for hours is bad for you too-- makes the eyes have issues with looking at distances, and the artificial light is bad for your sleep cycles.

If you wanted to be really healthy, I think you picked the wrong hobby.

HolyOrangeCows2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

Children under seven are at risk of strabismus – period.
Going to a 3D movie each month probably won’t hurt anyone’s vision, especially adults; however, if we introduce the 3D effect into the home, we dramatically increase our exposure"

No 3DS for Tiny Tim and You shouldn't play for more than 2 hours straight. Big deal.

ReservoirDog3162761d ago

Does anyone really stop playing after 2 hours?

danielle0072761d ago

is mostly aimed at children. So, it is kind of a big deal. Kids take their DS on car trips, and play it otherwise as well.

& when I play games, it usually goes for more than two hours. But, the 3D TV is aimed at everyone, for .. everything, not just gaming. Def a bigger risk of watching/playing something for more than 2 hours on that. I mean, who doesn't these days?

It's really kind of a big deal, because they really aren't telling anyone that 3D could affect adults. & 3DTVs mean a lot longer exposure. I know they have to research, and it could be fine, but in the meantime they could at least warn of a potential risk.

Parapraxis2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

People who play video games are also warned of the possibility of seizures. Companies are legally obligated to state any possible dangers on their products.
When is the last time you turned on the news and saw a report about large swaths of the people being endangered by watching films in 3d?

It's a fraction of the population and the results are still coming in, how about those opposed to 3D use a little bit of logic and reasoning before they jump on the "down with 3D" bandwagon.

raztad2761d ago

News: Spend hours looking at your monitor is a risk for your eyes.

In other news: The space at where we live is 3D, not 2D, and everyday we perceive DEPTH overlapping two different images. If you lose one eye you lose depth.

hmmmm2761d ago

Congratulations, you know how a real 3D room works. Unfortunately a 3D film or game is still displayed on a 2D screen and tricks your eyes into seeing depth. Now that is hardly the same....

I'm not bashing 3D, infact i just saw Toy Story 3 in 3D and it was pretty cool, but i'm not gonna lie, it made my eyes hurt..

hesido2761d ago

How 3d is used is very important, 3d that has things "coming out of the screen" is very, very tiresome. 3d that go deep doesn't tire the eye that much.

That eye "hurt" comes from the fact that you normally diverge for far away objects, and converge for near objects to be able to focus, because of the physical location of the near object, e.g. both eyes point to the same location when you look at your finger near your face.

You are used to converging your eyes for near objects, and the objects far away double while also getting blurry. However, in theatre, if there's a near by object, you try to converge. Because the actual 2d view is so far away, things start to double and get blurry, and your eyes and brain don't know what to do. Thus the eye strain.

Milamber2761d ago

Once I don't spontaneously combust it's all good.

beardpapa2761d ago

I bet this is as much a health hazard as those little health hazard warnings on the first few pages of game manuals.

blind-reaper2761d ago

In fact there are the same recomendations found on the game manuals, check this ones from Samsung 3D TVs: "The TV maker issued guidelines warning of nausea, dizziness and cramps or involuntary movements such as eye or muscle twitching, especially in epileptics.

Consumers are advised to take breaks and avoid watching movies or playing games in 3D when they're "in bad physical condition, need sleep or have been drinking alcohol," they said."

danielle0072761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

But they're not just coming out and saying 3D could do real damage to your eyes. I would actually pay attention to that. Because, damn. I like seeing. Nausea and dizziness could be warnings of motion sickness, and twitches can be thrown in with the seizure warnings, especially since they mentioned epileptics.

I dunno. I'm not condemning 3D, it's really nifty. I just wish that the warnings were much more clear, and come out and say that 3D can adversely affect children's eyesight severely, but also adults can be adversely affected as well.

blackbeld2761d ago

3D can harm childrens below 7 years.

For adults it's can harm you're eyes after exposing several hours non stop watching in 3D.

So I still gonna buy 3D tv! :)

8thnightvolley2761d ago

i totally agree with u blaze.. i even noticed when watching avatar in 3d i couldnt stand putting on those glasses for such a long time.. it get headaches.

Armyless2761d ago

Since you are effectively watching a 2D screen anyway, it's no more dangerous to create 3D images in your mind without focusing, than it is to stare at a 2D screen without focusing.

MazzingerZ2761d ago

Virtual Boy is dangerous :D

Spydiggity2761d ago

and this article was actually a very good read...something you rarely get on this site.

Heisenberg2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

It's bad for your eyes to stare at a backlit computer screen for extended periods as well. Last week there was a different reason why 3D will apparently fail, next week there'll be a new one. This article doesn't sum up all the research on the issue, nor is it the only side of the argument, although many of you take it all as gospel "Oh yeah totally, I always said 3D was dangerous" .... No, you didn't, you're just saying it now.

It's bad for your eyes to sit in a dark room and play video games all night too, but in moderation and with a healthy amount of breaks, we can enjoy these things responsibly.

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xKakashi209x2761d ago

It's not like anyone would stop them from still viewing 3D with these warnings.

Godmars2902761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

Are articles like this being made out of genuine concern, have actual facts backing them up, or are they being generated just to sabotage the tech because someone in the industry who will remain nameless - MS - is not really in a position to support much less capitalize on it?

ReservoirDog3162761d ago

Does everything have to have a hidden agenda?

Gue12761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

with MS in the game everything's possible. These guys are the kings of dirty tricks and seeing how much they been dissing the 3D! This is like HDdvd vs blu-ray all over again.

MS gave money to Toshiba to buy exclusivity with some movie studios and as soon as blu-ray won... Digital Distribution it's da futures! Just like HDMI wasn't needed but every Xbox has an HDMI port now...

the conspiracy's in fact true. The day MS embrace 3D the 3D will be good for your health. lol

Spydiggity2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

god forbid people should warn us potential health risks. we should all be kept in the dark about the possibility of visual degradation because MS is an evil corporation and Sony has never been involved in any under handed dealing EVER.

seriously, would you really want to risk irreversible damage to your optic nerves because you're a fanboy for the "side" that supports 3D gaming?

now that you are informed of the problems, you have options to deal with it. don't get 3D, get 3D and take it in moderation, don't let your young children use 3D, ignore the warnings. but at least you aren't completely ignorant on the subject thanks to articles like this. and that's the point. this is a good, well written, informative article.

-Alpha2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

That's like saying that you love chocolate, but when you criticize how a Big Mac tastes it must be because your a chocolate fanboy who is out to sabotage the reputation of the Big Mac.

Boody-Bandit2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

chocolate in small doses is good for you. Especially dark chocolate.
Big Macs no matter how you serve it up is trash to your body. Unless of course you throw out everything but the vegetables on it. Although tomatoes are bad for a lot of people as well.

I'm kind of a health nut.

On topic:
When I first started PC gaming I got eye strain and headaches from long gaming sessions. In time I adjusted. When I picked up my first DLP projector for my theater, same as above. The eye strain was so bad I thought it just threw a small fortune away. In time I adjusted which was a good thing because my wife would have had my head if I couldn't use it. It was actually a little more than a small fortune.

Personally I have never felt any effects from watching movies in 3D so I am hoping this will remain true once I get a display. I have a hard time believing all the entities that are investing millions to billions of dollars would be doing so knowing there posed a serious health risk to more than a very small percentage.

My daughter and my brother have epilepsy and gaming, DLP nor 3D has never caused any issues with her health and according to warnings they are the most at risk. I am not trying to down play this but you have to understand that if there is a 0.0001% chance of a health harzard people have to be made aware of it to cover the companies ass. Just look at any medication you get today. Man when you read those warnings you question whether or not your doctor wants you dead. ;)

Godmars2902761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

15GB storage vs 25GB storage meant to represent a new age in physical disc media. MS, pushing into other tech industries, develops new security and menu codecs hope they become the standard. They go into discussion with Sony who have BR, yet got with HD after being rejected. Hand the chief backer of the format Toshiba billions as war-chest which really only slows BR development into the market.

So, not everything has a hidden agenda, it just seems that MS does things for odd reasons that just happens to have a chance of benefiting them.

What are you even saying, and to whom?

All I know is that if MS tends towards the over-aggressive in competitiveness, say like driving a 360 barge in front of a PS3 launch party, has employees pretending to be anonymous/neutral posters in gaming forums spreading misinformation, for their un-disguised workstations no less, then how far a stretch are a few made up blogs?

t-dizzle2761d ago

Paranoid much? The article wasn't even written with the MS-Sony battle in mind... the only video game device it lists is the 3DS... Time to pick a new brand of weed to smoke because you have gone loco!

-Alpha2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

Look, I'm not saying that it's NOT possible, but you can't just cherrypick random articles that seem to benefit MS in some way and dismiss them on the grounds that they *could* be sabotage. That not only disregards the article unfairly and irrationally, but it's also something that you have no grounds to prove.

It's like 9/11 Truthers that, when they see something that doesn't agree with their beliefs, will vaguely dismiss said claim by pointing to some vague conspiracy and making themselves some kind of victim.

DarkEdson2761d ago

alpha you should look up a video on google called Loose Change it's about 9/11 where they break it down so even brain washed idiots can understand the truth. It was a psychological attack on america. And on another note did you know that tv puts you in a mild hypnotic state making people highly suggestable. and the best time to convince people to believe you is by shocking their minds. but i guess scientific facts are lies too right. Truth of the matter is that in the world you have those with power who wish to control your every move what you buy, what you eat, who you spend time with, where you work. But i think 3dtv's purpose is to get us in an even deeper hypnotic trance than regular tv puts you in, therefore allowing them tell us what to think more efficiently. fox news anyone?

2761d ago
boodybandit2761d ago

You scare me.
I'm not joking. People like you, unless you are totally yanking our chain and it went completely over my head, SCARE ME!

-Alpha2761d ago


God I hope that post was a joke. Everything from Lose Change to mind control, you pretty much exemplified exactly what I was talking about.

Gue12761d ago

This is so true and it has been proven multiple times! There are like 5 articles from a few years ago talking about this around N4G. MS's dirty very dirty and I mean it!

DarkEdson2761d ago

eliminate the impossible and whatever is left however improbable must be the truth. it's called deductive reasoning.

DarkEdson2760d ago

you are not angry you must not be paying attention.

boodybandit2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

Seek help.

DarkEdson2760d ago

i'm wrong how about debuking everything i said with facts instead of your regurgitated opinions you got from tv.

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kissmeimgreek2761d ago

What your saying about MS is stupid. Ive had these concerns (with movies and games) before sony said anything about it on ps3 and im sure others have to.

Parapraxis2761d ago

So..check with your doctor if it is safe for you and if you are that concerned don't use the feature. Simple as that.

Non_sequitur2761d ago

Don't give this writer any authority of this issue. Why hasn't a source from an academic journal been brought up? It is common for journalist to lie through omission.

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