Android has the advantage over Apple’s iOS4 and iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 is out, and so far, has garnered great reviews and first impressions — and rightfully so, it’s a wonderful device and possible the best smartphone on the market. But Google’s Android platform can easily top it in the near future.

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Jdoki2943d ago

As this is News for GAMERS I'll stick to that side of things.

I own an HTC Desire, running Android. It's a brilliant phone. But as a gaming platform I rank the games somewhere between low end PC, and freebie Linux games. Not great. Sure, there's some gems there, but these are few and far between.

One of Androids greatest strengths - openness, and variety of handsets - is it's greatest weakness when it comes to apps and games.

I compare Android to PC gaming (lots of specs to develop for); and Apple to console gaming (standardised and controlled platform).

In this respect Apple wins out.

Krew_922942d ago

A Nexus One so I will see how good Android is, although I have high hopes for Android already! I don't really like the iOS anymore, its the same thins over and over, and I own an iPod touch 3G 32 GB so I know what I am talking about. Well without the iPhone things... lol