OXCGN’s Indie Game Site’s Guide to E3 in LA

OXCGN: "After having attended the last two E3s in Los Angeles, California, we here at OXCGN would like to combine our thoughts and knowledge to help other similar small indie style game sites like ours in not only attending, but getting around and ultimately enjoying this vast, wonderful and often overwhelming city called L.A., the city of Angels...."

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Godem2890d ago

Sounds fun, can't wait to go on some holiday in America!

gaminoz2890d ago

I was never that fond of LA myself but certainly there is a lot around it to attract. California as a state has a huge diversity.

I doubt I'd get to e3 but the guide has a few good tips for smaller sites who will.

XboxOZ3602890d ago

Ideally that's the idea. We never thought we'd have a chance of getting there, yet lots of effort and persistence paid off for us. We'd love to see more Smaller indie sites heading to such events as we believe such sites represent the gamer much more than the commercial sites.

Most of which simply attend because it's their 'job' to do so, and in reality, don't care too much about the event per-se, but attend because it is something that is just done in the name of work.

Belgavion2890d ago

This is great - I've always wondered about some of the small details that need to be addressed when preparing to attend E3. I didn't know so much was involved!

XboxOZ3602890d ago

Actually, we barely scratched the surface mate. There's more aspects of it with regards to 'being" at the event we could cover, but we looked more on the basics, and how to get there and manage.

Many things like organizing your local travel papers required for the US, customs requirements, as well as Things to do and NOT to do at the event its self.

We justhope that some indie sites like us find it helpful.