E3 ‘10 Preview: Ivy the Kiwi? by Former Sonic Team Head Yuji Naka | Spawn Kill

Stephanie "Tigresa" Palermo writes:

Ivy the Kiwi? was created by Yuji Naka former head of the Sonic Team for the original Sonic the Hedgehog game, now head of Prope. With such a massive notch like creating Sonic under his belt, he’s now gone on to create his first fully original game of his own. Ivy the Kiwi? creates a slight edge of its own genre by what feels like a platforming puzzle game where the main character, Ivy, is a flightless bird who is born into the world without her mother in sight. That’s where the question mark in the title comes in — IS Ivy a kiwi? Poor Ivy doesn’t know and is saddened to be without a mother so she goes on to find her.

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K-Tuck2914d ago

Yuji Naka! My main man!

ia_studio2914d ago

I am soooooo getting this shit

tigresa2914d ago

Which one are you more interested in? Wii or DS?