Universal Gaming Database Giving Away Medal of Honor BETA Keys

The Universal Gaming Database has just gotten a fresh batch of Medal of Honor BETA keys straight from Electronic Arts and are giving them away to anyone who signs up and enters.

The closed BETA is currently underway and is only available to those who pre-order the game, but the Universal Gaming Database is giving you the chance to enter the BETA without having to pre-order the game.

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Static-X2799d ago

It's crap and freezes your PS3 up

xYLeinen2799d ago

The beta duration is quite long and it will be patched moron. Get the key and enjoy playing because the multiplayer is quite good.

BeaArthur2799d ago

It doesn't freeze anymore, they fixed it with a patch. Although the game is still average at best and probably not really worth putting any effort into getting a beta key.

NYPunkster2799d ago

They resolved the freezing issue with the latest patch. What part of beta don't you understand? Its going to have issues.

BeaArthur2799d ago

Why are you addressing your comment to me?

ChronoJoe2799d ago

If you're going to try and get a code, hook yourself up with an avatar on there site. Significantly increases the likelihood you'll get one, especially when everyone else is posting without one.

As the guy above says though of course, the MoH beta is pretty crappy, right now. I'd like to have it for when they fix it a little though, myself.

Gan Xodos2799d ago

Shouldn't be too many problems on pc though I'm hoping...

MrKLM2799d ago

Played again last night after the patch never got the 4 kill streak freeze, played quite well.

Get those entries in!

xYLeinen2799d ago

See, it's a beta, beta have bugs, developers patch the beta.

Sounds like a successful beta so far for me.

And hopefully it's coming to Europe pretty soon.

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