Medal of Honor: Return of the King?

Jim Hargreaves of Game Kudos writes his impressions straight from the Medal of Honor beta made available earlier this week, and its potential to "de-throne" rivals Modern Warfare 2 and Bad Company 2.

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Agent Smith2943d ago

Well you need Medal of Honor: The Two Towers first.

Nitrowolf22943d ago

and can't have that without Fellowship of the Ring

NecrumSlavery2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Woah! There's only one Return. And it ain't if the king, it's of the Jedi!

I have been playing MoH in PS3. Notice no disconnection both pre and post patch. However I have to say it's on the fence.
Pros- graphically nicer than MW2.... The weight and sounds and feedback of the weapons are great.... The loading in solid and smooth.
Cons- when you die the game slightly lags and it cuts to a video of you dead, should at leasst show you through a kill cam. Shots seem inaccurate and when your getting shot, there's movement slowdown sometimes. Kind of makes you feel cheated.
Other than that it's wonderful, but if the online isn't improved I'm renting only. Beta is still a nice though. I see great things for MoH if they get the MP solid. This doest feel like a COD killer, but definitely a more rewarding experience in the making. Definitely more for the Battlefield crowd than the COD crew. As a killzone vet, it's nice to feel some weight in the weapons. Just my opinion though.

LeonSKennedy4Life2943d ago

Agent Smith - Brilliant...

Nitrowolf2 - Are you an Alec Baldwin fan?

sixaxis2943d ago

what is it 3 or 4 months left? i think theres still alot of work left to be done with multiplayer alone, and taking into consideration its multiplatform, and how EA rushes things then i would say "potential to surpass.... MW2" just isnt true.

jjohan352943d ago

Not getting this. Played the Beta and it's too similar to BC2 and MW2 without being better than either. I'm also not getting it because EA has a history of messing things up. BC2's recent patches have caused massive lag as of late. Army of Two 40th Day was garbage online. BC1 had a lot of problems that weren't fixed until a year later.

There are way too many good games coming out this year, especially on PS3, so EA better not screw this one up.

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Colonel-Killzone2943d ago

For it to be Return of the king it would have to be the king of FPS. And Medal of Honor never was the King Of FPS.

CellularDivision2943d ago

I thought the first Medal of Honor was incredible.
The game blew my mind at the time.
People may hate me for this, but i thought it was better than Goldeneye. I dont mean to say Goldeneye was bad, it was anything but bad, but i liked MOH better.

DW2943d ago

I think EA should have polished it a little more before releasing the beta - it feels too much like BFBC2

Snakefist302943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

I think Halo is the king of FPS.If I am Wrong pleazz tell me y .

EDIT:When Halo was released they already prounce it the king of FPS because of the multiplayer cause many of friends told me.Maybe they heard it Wrong.Anyway thanks for the information BWS1982.


Dude I wasnt argueing I was just misunderstanding I though tat halo is the cause many guys take on halo when it comes to Fps.PLEAZZ DONT GET ME WRONG I dont hav tat knowledge abut Fps games tat y.Abut Perfect Dark playd the game its awesome.

BWS19822943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

MOH: AA arguably was, depending on who you talk to. I would put it up there with the best ever, Allied Assault on the PC, that is. I understand that's subjective though. Personally, at the time, I felt Perfect Dark was around the same caliber, as was Return to Castle Wolfenstein (PC) and A Vs. P 2 (PC)...Again, subjective.

I hope people recall that the original IW team came from the Allied Assault team. This is long before they tarnished their rep, too.

Edit @ Snakefist: I don't find Halo 1 to be near the best ever, because it didn't have anything memorable and it wasn't polished enough (those repeating indoor environments? copy and paste=check!), but hey, that's just me. I feel GoldenEye and Perfect Dark did all of it, sans the online stuff, first and still better, personally. Don't get me wrong, this is all opinion, it can't take away from your sentiments.

PoSTedUP2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

well, not being a halo fan, it IS one of the most popular online FPS today for a reason.

but call of duty has to be the most popular and the most played on consoles and i wouldnt be surprised on pc either.

goldeneye is king though

ARMA2 blows everything out of the water today imo but you need a awesome pc to run it.

KZ2 has to be the most intense, ever.

fear2 is the SCARIEST FPS have ever played OMG.

lots of ppl like battlefield for a reason, it is awesome.

nothing has passed crysis in terms of the most realistic graphics.

just my 2 cents on FPS's

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xhi42943d ago

it looks epicc, and I like it's grittier, more realistic style and reckon it could and most likely will be better than COD.

But one can only wait and see...

2943d ago
MRHARDON2943d ago

EA can make a product that doesnt freeze like its a game of freeze tag and the way to get unfrozen is to turn off your PS3...ok that didnt make sence lol.

But intil that happens COD is king, sorry and no that isnt fanboyizm thats the truth!

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