Why Bother With Day One Purchases?

Mark Withers from Platform Nation writes about game prices being reduced dramatically shortly after a games release, and it becoming a growing trend that started as a novelty and is now almost the rule that all new video games follow.

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mushroomwig2799d ago

Well in many cases people have been waiting to play certain games for 2-3 years, the temptation to play them on day one is too much to contain.

blitz06232799d ago

There's also preorder bonuses, along with limited or collector's edition that prompts a day 1 buy, but nothing beats the urge to play it as soon as it comes out.

NecrumSlavery2799d ago

I pick up certain games day one. But if I can wait a day or so. There's always those guys that steal the games from walmart and sell them to gamestop the next day. I like getting used games cause $55 + edge card 10% = a round $50 for a new game. Not a major whoop-dee-doo but nice still. Here's a question: Are EA games going to drop in price if they want to make money on this Online Pass bullspit? If some one buys madden 2011 at 55 bucks used, they still have to pay another 10 for online play, which in the end getting a used game costs 5 dollars more than a new one. Seems a bit scammish there.

HammockGames2799d ago

Amazon & others routinely run $10-20 promos. If you chain these together you can get a string of new games a good chunk below their usual retail price.

I haven't paid anywhere near full price for a game since I started doing this sometime last year (usually $13 to 23 below sticker price).

morganfell2799d ago

I tend to preorder a great deal. My complaint is so often preorder bonuses have issues, fail to work, aren't yet available, etc.

RageAgainstTheMShine2798d ago

GT5, LBP2, Killzone3, inFamous2, Uncharted 3, The Last Guardian, Twisted Metal

are some of the titles already worth more than full price day one purchase.

R0me2798d ago

Besides titles like Uncharted 2 didnt get a price cut for a long time, I watched that at amazon (it finally got a price cut, because its platin now).

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deadreckoning6662799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

"Well in many cases people have been waiting to play certain games for 2-3 years, the temptation to play them on day one is too much to contain."

I can understand that. I just don't understand the people who complain about high game prices, but consistently buy games on Day 1. If most gamers didn't buy games Day 1, HD videogames would be 50 or 40 bux instead of 60.

gtamike2799d ago

Because we have jobs and don't have to rely on parents :)

Darkfocus2799d ago

you mean you live at home with your parents but have a job :P

Not everyone who lives on there own can afford games all the time collage/university is expensive and so is rent, electricity and food.

MetalFreakMike2799d ago

Darkfocus is right about living on your own. I have to pay bills every month and sometimes I do not have money left over for games. It sucks but I rather have a place to live than have a ton of video games with no electric, water, or even a place to put my games along with a TV to play them on. When you live with your parents and work, then you have a lot of money to spend on yourself. Things are harder when you have your own place so video game deals help in the long run.

ukilnme2799d ago

gtamike still lives with his parents?

ProjectVulcan2799d ago

This is true. But also so many of our friends who play online play these games for a while and we want to play with them, but everyone eventually stops and moves onto the next thing. If you waited three or four months for a price drop on many multiplayer games, you wont be playing with your friends which is a huge thing for me and a big part of the enjoyment

kneon2799d ago

I think the multi-player plays a big part for a lot of people, and it's not necessarily only about playing with friends. I find a lot of people get obsessive about their online rank in some games, low self esteem I guess. Anyway, if you wait then you start out well behind everyone else so you have to get going right away.

CobraKai2799d ago

that and I feel some devs earned my support to purchase games day 1

Blaze9292799d ago

Now adays, it seems first week/day sales are all that matters. I view the gaming industry as I do the music industry when a Artist I like releases an album. All people care about is first week sales and if that first week bombs then they potentially will not be able to make another album/game.

So if the game is a certified AAA game or something, no doubt I'll do my part and buy it day 1. If it's a mediocre game I wouldn't mind playing but not at $59.99, then I'll get it used or months later when it's cheaper. Some of these games that come out now at $49.99 and $59.99 know damn well they do not need to be priced at such so their fault.

And then some games like Assassins Creed now, i no longer buy day 1 because just two months later tops you'll be seeing it everywhere for $30 and under.

So yeah, if it's something like a Rockstar North game, 2K Game and other big name developers/publishers and AAA then I'll buy it day 1. If it's a game I really like but feel it won't sell well, I'll buy that day 1 as well like I did Dark Sector - too bad that still bombed both critically and commercially.

jessupj2799d ago

The author assumes this happens everywhere. It does not.

Here is Australia games don't usually get marked down until AT LEAST a year after release. And even then the game goes from $120 to maybe $100. It's pathetic.

wicko2799d ago

I think most developers would like it if their game sold copies on day one too :p

morkendo2798d ago

here in seattle,wa @ gamestop retail games dont go down til 6 months to a year and good lord GT5 will not go down til a year later if that at all.

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NYC_Gamer2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

amazon=nice deals

CAPT_IRISH2799d ago

i live on amazon. with all the discounts and money off your next purchase for preordering, its great.

GuruStarr782799d ago

just picked up crackdown 2 for about 55 bucks and I get it on release day, with preorder content and 10 bucks off my next yeah, its cool, but most games wont get my money on release date, unless I know theyre going to be great games with alot of replay value....otherwise, If it's a game I know I'm going to finish in a few days, I rent it and return it.....

there's too many games out there that are not worth 50 or 50 bucks.....especially when you can rent 'em and never play them again.

Focker4202799d ago

Because when something awesome comes along you can't pass it up. I buy most of my games when prices drop, but there are a few titles that I have to buy day one.

Fanb0y2799d ago

Most stores have deals for day one purchases for high-profile games.

e-p-ayeaH2799d ago

I bother with day 1 purchase cause hype is killing me xD

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