EA Eying Baseball License

CVG: "EA Sports president Peter Moore says EA wants to get back into developing baseball games, and has eyes on the official MLB license currently held by Sony (MLB 10 The Show) and 2K (MLB 2K10)."

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NYC_Gamer2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

now they wanna ruin baseball games...

just hope EA doesnt get the exclusive rights...or we can say bye bye to mlb the show

Bnet3432947d ago

MVP Baseball 2004 was the best .... 2K sucks. The Show is good though.

Iamback2947d ago

Since i am European and dont care about baseball i would rather see super talented Sony San Diego studio work on proper game, maybe on Mark Of Kri 3, they made first game.

evrfighter2947d ago

ya I kept saying don't start praising EA yet. Yet time and time again I kept seeing
"EA is really focusing on the consumer this gen."

MorganX2947d ago

They gotta do something. 2K getting Jordan will do massive damage to their BBall franchise.

simplyRealistic182947d ago

no it won't because Jordan dont play anymore so it not like he going to be on a team other than an 80's 90's 00's all star tteam

evrfighter2947d ago

I'm gonna buy some Jordan's.

just by saying that you know what I mean.

I'm gonna buy some Durant's


ps. No disrespect to Kevin Durant.The guy is a monster talent that everyone has their eye on.

dinkeldinkse2947d ago

I am fine with it because I loved the MVP series. If they did get exclusive rights, I'll be pissed because no more The Show and MVP will turn into the next Madden.

Raptura2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

MVP Baseball 2005 was amazing. I loved that game. I played it on the original XBOX in hi-def which at that time wasn't that bad and it was nice. I overplayed that damn game.

I would love to see EA do baseball again for the sake of XBOX 360 baseball fans. PS3 gets the Show, which is amazing and then there's 2K Sports....

Sitdown2947d ago

Sony and 2K do not necessarily hold the licenses....2K has exclusive 3rd party rights to the license, and console makers (Nintendo, Sony Microsoft) have the right to use it as well.

FreeFalling2947d ago

MVP Baseball 2005 is my all-time favorite baseball game, so I wouldn't mind them taking over if they do a good job.

RockmanII72947d ago

MVP baseball > MLB 2k whatever. Honestly, I preferred MVP over The Show, but that is probably because MVP 2003 was my first (good) PS2 game and The Show always froze my PS2 (If your interested in which 'The Show' I got, I remember it was the one with Vlad on the cover).

cyborg69712947d ago

The show is my first baseball game since bases loaded or whatever it was called on the 2600. And I like it a lot. My only caveat is the online lag. I mean why is there any when I'm playing my friend who is less than three miles away? It's still fun but could be so much better. And yes if ea does get exclusive rights we are DOOMED.

titans99992947d ago

i can sense ea is struggling with their product. What needs to happen is a new business law. There should be a law that there is no exclusive deals across the board, its better for us as gamers and for gaming itself, period!

titans99992947d ago

can you imagine what EA would be like the next generation? Having more work to make a product better would kill EA....bunch of slackers!!!

By the way, I e-mailed Ian Cummings about Madden 11, still no word. I guess they have COMPLETELY abandoned the gamer 100%

dktxx22947d ago

do you know how much hate mail that guy probably gets? he probably never checks the thing.

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Blaze9292947d ago

man if they get exclusive rights then seriously FUCK YOU EA! You guys are already ruining Football games since there's no competition to MAKE you work harder and innovate.

simplyRealistic182947d ago

i don't understand why the judge don't rule Ea having the NFL license a monopoly already

RockmanII72947d ago

What EA is doing with Madden is the exact same thing 2K is doing with their MLB 2K series, don't pretend it's different (For xbox only owners, at least).

Titanz2947d ago

After baseball, then what, hockey?

I'll boycott if EA "sports" games if they monopolies any further.

VoicesInMyHead2947d ago

Well, EA put 2k hockey out of business basically.....2k only makes a Wii game and now EA is putting out a Wii game......theyre looking to monopolize hockey without an exclusive license .....

MikeTyson2947d ago

that's just being out matched which is FINE.
but these "exclusive licenses" bs, hate it.

Raptura2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

Hockey exclusivity to EA would be nice, 2K should not be making hockey games. I think they're terrible, too arcade-ish.

As VoicesInMyHead put it, EA Sports has basically run 2K Sports from the hockey game business as they're only working on the Wii for 2K11.

NHL by EA Sports has been the game to get since 2007 and it won't change for a while. If only EA were to use the same development team as they do for NHL and FIFA games then all the EA Sports titles would be great.

OH, and we'll see how the new ELITE NBA games turn out.

dougr2947d ago

You can't lump the EA NHL developers in with the basketball and football developers. EA's hockey developers have done an A+++ job every year. This year looks to be there greatest with the edition of the CHL and a new physics engine. EA Vancouver is what all of EA should strive to be (soccer is doing just great also I believe).

VoicesInMyHead2947d ago

Yea, they just need to add NCAA support and new goaltender animations/AI

AutoCad2947d ago


PS360PCROCKS2947d ago

What? No! Nobody should get a "license" all companies should be able to make a game.

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