What It Takes To Be An Extreme Gamer

A marketing research group NPD, checked out some gamers, can you keep up?

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8800gtx2797d ago

Being limited by hardware is one of the worst scenarios for an extreme gamer.


scofios2797d ago

being ignored by most of the developers is even worse .

Substance1012797d ago

Agreed. PS3 not getting:

Mass Effect Series,
Splinter cell,
Left4Dead series,

Being inferior to the Xbox on most multiplats is alot of ignorance on devs part.

Sony made up for it though with their in house teams.

dizzleK2797d ago

if you're spending the equivalent of a full time job plus 8 hours of overtime playing games each week, you seriously need to revaluate your life. you can't possibly have any type of social or family life. unless you're disabled or a welfare leech it's just impossible to be a normal productive member of society playing that much.