The Most Epic Machinima Creation Ever

Xbox Evolved:

"Red vs Blue does it again but this time brings something that makes Halo 100 times more badass than you would've ever thought. "

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Blaze9292611d ago

That was fucking epic. Loved the teleporter parts

ProA0072611d ago

Yeah the part that begins at 6:00 is simply amazing

basicsameh5142611d ago

i read machnima and i knew it was halo

Blacktric2611d ago

It was simply epic. I wish real Spartans were like this. It feels like Solid Snake + Samus Aran + Master Chief comined into one badass character. BTW Red vs. Blue guys didn't do anything worthy besides voicing the characters. Watch the video till it ends. It says "based on Halo 3" and then shows 343 Studios' logo. All the animations, effects etc. done by 343.

LeReidy2610d ago

Eh your wrong. Roosterteeth hired Monty Oum who made haloid. He does all the animation. 343 has nothing to do with anything they produce. legally they have to show those logos.

Blacktric2605d ago

Um. No you are wrong. Check their website...

Bnet3432611d ago

lol I don't like RvB, but that was a seriously good episode.

georgeenoob2611d ago

This is how Master Chief should really be like. Fucking epic!!

Paradicia2611d ago

Machinima at its best. I can't think of any other machinima that has ever reached this kinda quality.. EVER!

gamerzBEreal172611d ago

yea if only halo3 was this epic :(

EvilBlackCat2611d ago


that was freaking fucking epic awesome!


badz1492611d ago

as for the record, I still love the series and following since the beginning.

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AridSpider2611d ago

Wow that was bad ass. I never really liked this series but apparently they got some new motion/animation tools.

JasonXE2611d ago

Oh is that how they do this?

-Alpha2611d ago

All of this is done on FORGE?? HOW??

STONEY42611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

No, they used some kind of 3D animation program for PC, you can't do stuff like this in Forge. Just look at the lighting and the custom animations.

Hideo_Kojima2611d ago

This is done on a PC not on the 360 how the hell would they make the animations on forge?

Its just like any other animation created but they made it look like Halo 3.

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TheViper2611d ago

Love the portal usage. Good script too.

Almost as good as Haloid.

SixZeroFour2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

howd they get the models to do custom animations...if this is what the rest of the series is gunna be like, i need to catch up...lmao, i stopped after like 3-4 seasons

JasonXE2611d ago

That's what I freaking what to know. Maybe Bungie gave them their tools?

ProA0072611d ago

I'd like to know how they pulled this off as well. Also how long it must have taken them. But I loved it. Kudos to Rooster Teeth

Fanb0y2611d ago

It's pretty obvious.

If you look at the scenes, the custom-animated scenes are from a 3D program, such as 3DS Max or Maya. Look at the environments. The lighting is quite different.

Their compositing is also quite good, which is why it looks consistent throughout the whole video.

SixZeroFour2611d ago

@ fanboy
yea, they prolly got the max/maya models straight from bungie themselves, and animated them separately...i just didnt expect that from them, cause they used to do all their acting" straight from the game, through forge, then edit in theater mode i think

also @ProA007

i just finished watching all of season 8 so far, and it looks like the have a new episode every monday, so the whole process (animating and editing) seem to only take them a week

Fanb0y2611d ago

It takes way longer than a week to produce an episode.

What studios do is that they produce the entire season about halfway through (or fully), and release the episodes one by one; thus the delay in between seasons.

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JasonXE2611d ago


"I knew that wouldn't work. Agent Tex is a bit of a badass"

badass indeed - that was amazing