Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood' Ends With Another WTF Ending, Won't Go World War 2 Anytime Soon

"E3 was certainly very sequel-heavy this year, but I couldn't help but be impressed with what Ubisoft Montreal is doing for "Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood." Apart from the standard story-based missions, they've layered in strategy and city-building elements to make the experience even more well-rounded than the already-excellent "Assassin's Creed 2." But even with these changes, there are certain aspects that will remain true to form for the franchise. A mind-f*** of an ending, for example".

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Blaze9292766d ago

Alright, they fooled me once with AC1. Fooled me twice with AC2. If they do another cliffhanger "WTF!?" ending then you can bet your ass I'll be buying this game used in a bargain bin.

I'm still unsure on what kind of game this is anyway. Seems more like an expansion pack than a real sequel but it's priced at $59.99 - no thanks Ubigreedy.

dizzleK2766d ago

they fooled me twice with the AC games in general. i just don't understand the popularity of this series, the games are utterly boring imo.

rezzah2766d ago

Its the story of a clan of assassins that have existed for hundredds of years. Eventually there will be a modern type games, but the evolution of assassins throughout history is quite interesting.

Besides not every game is for everyone.

Adrela2766d ago

Honestly, if you don't understand why this series is popular then why don't you take a look at the huge improvements between AC1 and AC2. :|

Sheikh Yerbouti2766d ago

If you are a fan of its parkour game play like I am...then yeah. I don't know about the story so far. It has taken some turns, but it is not Metal Gear complicated. The story is innovative - very much like GTA meets Quantum Leap. There are a lot of anti-religion undertones if that offends you. But I actually like it just for the game play alone.

The Renaissance setting was real cool though.

SaiyanFury2765d ago

Actually, this gen the Assassin's Creed series is my fave so far in terms of new IPs. I love Uncharted, I love the new look of Ratchet & Clank Future, and others as well. But as a lover of the Tenchu series that focuses on stealth, the AC series really stands out for me. Great story/setting/narrative/charac ters really attracts me. I maybe alone, but I am eagerly anticipating AC: Brotherhood. Bring it on Ubi!

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zootang2766d ago

Not to start a war

Maybe they looked at Halo ODST and thought we could do the same

Ron_Burgundy2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

the series is sort of good, although AC2 was a big jump from AC1

HBK6192766d ago

You'd really chuck this title away to a bargain bin buy just because the ending will be more WTF than anything else?

I dunno about you but I rate AC2 as one of the best titles from 2009 and it FAR exceeded my expectations after the horrible mess that AC1 was.

For the life of me though I can't think of what the actual "WTF" ending that AC2 was...anyone help here? Was it the whole truck thing in the modern day ending? Because as far as I can remember AC2's ending was very well done and sewed up the story nicely.

FWIW though I don't think AC:B is looking like an expansion at all either. We're getting multiplayer for the first time, plus there's going to be an entirely new city and what's likely to go along is another great long story. I certainly expected a short, crappy cash-in. But the showing at E3 blew away my expectations.

AridSpider2766d ago

I think it's because this title is an expansion pack at $59.99 more than the fact that it ends stupidly for the 3rd time.

amogrr2766d ago

If you watch right up till after the credits(or before, I can't remember), he actually says WTF :P

Perhaps that must be it :)

Eamon2765d ago

AC2 didn't end stupidly.

It was purposely set up as a WTF type ending and the game's writers were always planning for the story to go in the direction it took.

I for one loved AC2's ending and how it broke the fourth wall.

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Dellis2766d ago

This is stupid, ending is already spoiled and the game isn't even out yet???

I hope this IP just dies already, first game was 1000 times
better then the "GAMEY" corny looking AC2.

skip2mylou2766d ago

ummmm he didnt spoil anything and its also you re fault for clicking on the article when it say AC:BROTHERHOOD WTF ENDING AGAIN

bub162766d ago

i hope they make a trilogy pack thingy of the games, i havnt played any of them and i hear they are amazing!

Sheikh Yerbouti2766d ago

I love the first one because I never cared about being incognito. I could kill 30 Templars and not take a scratch. I'd roam the city and see how many guards I could get to chase me.

The second had deeper gameplay - adding exploration, city management and armor upgrades - and a far better story to boot. As far as the larger story is concerned, I think Ezio is finished. It looks like the next game is going to just feature Desmond. Still the Renaissance flavor was much a factor in the success, they have to revisit it again. With multi-player the gameplay gets deeper still.

xHarvey2766d ago

I love wtf endings but why are they doing it again on the third game ? SoTC and Alan Wake did it right.

Escamotage2766d ago

...if you don't like the endings. Some franchises whether they succeed or fail(The Matrix, LOST, etc.) aim to challenge minds. Yeah, the ends are a mindf**k, but they're suppose to lead to a bigger agenda among the whole conflict. If you don't like it, don't play it. Simple as that.

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