Why 3D Gaming Will Succeed...

Sony’s Gaming Division has always been at the forefront on new, developing technologies which almost always become the industry standard. CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray, and quite possibly 3D gaming in the future. Many are questioning Sony why they are putting so much effort behind a new technology that many people seemingly dont want. While most people see Sony’s support of 3D gaming and movies a lost cause, I see it as a future investment.

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arakouftaian3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

i will just say why,

the press is saying Crysis 2 in 3d is really good

the 3ds will sale like hot cakes

eye pet was nice when i test it at e3

The future of sport games will put you inside a 3d deep field
said one off the PES devs. and it sounds good. PES12 in 3d?

The fatality in 3d of MK at the PS conference was epic.


piroh3007d ago

i really don't know how they do it

sikbeta3007d ago

Sony Have Everything to Make 3D Successful and The Norm:

Bravia 3DTVS + Supporter Electronic Manufacturer...
Sony Pictures Entertainment for 3D Movies + Supporter Movie Industry...
PS3 = 3D Gaming + First and Second Party making Games in 3D and Third Party
Blu-Ray Movies and More in 3D...
Sony Broadcasting Channels.... So on....

Gran Touring3007d ago

I'm not knockin' 3D at its current state, but I think it'll really take off when the glasses aren't required to view it. I don't know if we have the technology to do that, and if so at a reasonable cost, but the 3DS is doing some kind of 3D without glasses...

Sony is the front-runner on 3D home entertainment, so I imagine in the future they'll be the first to have glasses-less 3D televisions. I think the issue of having to wear the glasses alone, can be problematic for influencing consumers to shell out for 3D. But if 3D on big screen is possible without glasses, then it's pretty safe to say that 3D IS the future, as it has no competition and is overall a better product than today's HDTVs.

ascendantofrain3007d ago

Yeah, I haven't seen 3D yet but from listening to what everyone else has to say it seems like its ridonculously fantasmic.

3007d ago